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Dear Thyroid Needs YOU… And A Few Newsy Thybites

Post Published: 12 June 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid News
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Gland Canyon news coming at you! We have a few questions and delightful findings we’re excited to share with you, among other things about community outreach, awareness bands and all kinds of glandly goodness.


  • If you sent a SASE for a Thyroid Awareness band INVISIBLE NO MORE, and you didn’t receive it; we didn’t get it kicked back to us, which means some postal worker is wearing it, and spreading awareness (yay), or it’s sitting in the lost and forever not found pile. Please re-send your SASE. As mentioned, you should have two 61 cent stamps on your envelope.
  • If you have not received your INVISIBLE NO MORE thyroid awareness band, please let us know. All of them have gone out. Some got kicked back to us. For those, we’ll be emailing you to confirm your email address. Otherwise, if you haven’t received it, please tell us!
  • If you have received your awareness band, we hope it’s everything you wanted it to be. we thank you for spreading awareness for Thyroid Diseases and Thyroid Cancers. Our bands will help us collectively, I hope, reach our goals of creating more awareness. And, that we’re ready to fight and win the war against cancer and autoimmune diseases. We ain’t taking this lying down. No sireee-bob.


  • Kerri Schwartz (yes, she’s Katie’s sister, and though she doesn’t have a thyroid disease or thyroid cancer (knock wood), she’s been indelibly changed by the disease. (Hi. Graves girl. Can I get a yay for thyroid psychoses/thyrotoxicosis?!
  • Kerri will be handling/managing our local Dear thyroid Meet ups. Many of you have emailed us with your location and email address. She will be reaching out to you, so you can host/participate in a Dear Thyroid Meet up in your city.
  • If you haven’t connected with us and you want to participate, please contact Kerri.
  • Thank you, Kerri!
  • Thank you to everyone for participating. We’ve had some thyliciously successful meet-ups. Let’s keep it going – offline support is as important as offline support.


  • If you haven’t created a Dear Thyroid profile, please do, and start mingling! Yay.
  • You can embed your profile URL into your blog or any space you claim on the web. Not only is this great for continuing our awareness endeavors; it also helps us all be a bit more brave about sharing our respective diseases. Your unique URL is http://dearthyroid.org/name
  • You can submit Dear Thyroid written, video and audio letters. we hope you will. Keep those cards and letters coming. The more we speak out about our diseases, the more awareness we create, and catharsis, for ourselves and each other (we hope).


  • We are putting together a piece and we would like your feedback regarding your experience using Dear Thyroid, submitting letters, participating in Thyrants/Thyraves, Literary Healings, our Facebook group; etc. Everyone will remain anonymous, of course, if you wish. We would love to know if Dear Thyroid has affected your life, and how. We very much appreciate it and you.


Dear Thyroid

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Reader Feedback

11 Responses to “Dear Thyroid Needs YOU… And A Few Newsy Thybites

  1. I only set up a profile here recently, but I have dipped in and out of this place for ages, reading, laughing, sympathising and understanding.
    You’ve kept me sane, you’ve kept me smiling and you have kept me laughing….oh, and occasionally you’ve had me crying.
    But Dear Thyroid (and by that I really DO mean this website, and NOT my pesky gland, who is in no way ‘dear’ to me!), I couldn’t have got this far without you xxx

  2. Dear Thyroid says:

    FuzzyTB, thank you for your brilliant, beautiful and generous comment. We wouldn’t exist but for you and our other community members. We wouldn’t be a community or a website.

    A million thank yous.


  3. Rania says:

    Dear Thyroid has helped me connect with others who have the same synthums I do. I have learned how to deal with some of my synthums I experience in ways I never thaught of thanks to the suggestions of the friends and other people I have met. Being able to comment on on the facebook statuses dearthyroid posts makes me think about how I feel and helps me vent about how I am feeling. I get lots of support as well as being able to offer it to those who need it. Thanks to dear thyroid for helping me learn more about my disease and for giving me a place to build more friendships as well as learning how to live with this disease.
    Rania Ismail

  4. Dear Thyroid says:

    Rania – THANK YOU SO MUCH. Absolutely beautiful. You and Fuzzy encapsulated exactly what we continue to hope and achieve.


  5. Donna says:

    Dear Thyroid has helped me to get off my ass and be more assertive instead of sitting here just thinking about what I needed to do. I also gained knowledge about all thyroid conditions, not just thyroid cancer. It helped me to understand that many of the symptoms I have now were not related to other things but rather directly related to my thyroid replacement “pill”. It was the first site I found via facebook and it led me to others that have been helpful as well. I am empowered now and love reading and sharing with everyone. Thank you Dear Thyroid for helping me to help myself. Without you lovely people I would probably not had all my labs done again and would not have found out I was hyper. You have directly contributed to the quality of my life 🙂

    Donna Anderson Terlecki

  6. Dear Thyroid says:

    Donna – WOW. can you feel the tears streaming down my/our face(s)? I’m so proud of you.

    Thanks to you, and our wonderful thymmunity, WE ARE A THYMMUNITY, and we empower each other, educate each other, catch each other when we fall, and find our way back to ourselves.



  7. Christine S. says:

    Dear Thyroid has been a place of encouragement, support and information for me. Getting swallowed up by this disease is devastating and life changing; but to finally find a place that let me know I was not alone has been equally life changing.
    Here I am able to support and be supported. Here I can laugh and cry, cheer and rage, ask questions and find some answers; most importantly I am able to do so in a safe place – where my personal experiences, thoughts and emotions are allowed even invited.
    Dear Thyroid provides a place for empowerment and education, offering each of us a chance to be heard. Here many of us find our footing once again. We find our voice, our hearts and even a renewed sense of living (or at least the knowledge that it is possible). We find hope….. for ourselves, hope for a better understanding at what we each face with our thyroids and its many diseases.
    Dear Thyroid is a lifeline, its community like no other – a soft and safe place to land when the disease rages and leaves us free falling.
    Dear Thyroid extended a hand, reached in through the muck and the mire of a tumultuous thyroid diseased ridden life and offered help, hope, a sounding board, laughter, tears and a sense of community not found anywhere else. For all of this I am more thankful than I can say.

  8. Katie Schwartz says:

    Christina – you just bowled me over and took my breath away. I don’t know what to say. I’m in tears. And, more grateful to you than you can imagine. You’ve given us a tremendous gift by sharing this with us.

    A million thank you’s.

    I digress…. But for you and our other thymmunity members so willingly, eloquently and honestly being yourselves, we wouldn’t exist.

    You shape the voice of Dear Thyroid.


  9. Lolly says:

    Great words christina you said everything that I wanted tobut much better.

    Katie I have never received my thyroid awareness band so gave up saying anything.
    Lets hope some mail man is wearing it while he delivers the post and hope no dog bites his hand of and starts wearing the band round it’s neck.

  10. Elly says:

    I couldn’t have said it better Christine S.
    With so many Dr.’s scoffing off things i say, I can come here or the Facebook page and instantly have validation for why I feel the way I do, as so many in this community are having the same issues…(In fact I hardly reply because I feel like I’d sound like a recorder ahahaha)

    So what everyone has done here, I can’t thank you enough.

    Katie you should be so proud and for the tears that weld up from our Thank you’s, I can promise, this site has cleared up many many many more tears of pure frustration & sadness out of me. ahahahaha

    Thank you all for sharing your stories and letters…..

  11. Lori says:

    I agree Christine said everything I feel and even better than I could. I don’t like to think about where I’d be not for this thymmunity holding me up and encouraging me when I needed it. Being able to rant and rave is so healing, and not having to worry about being judged is priceless too.

    Katie, it’s awesome your sis is on board helping Dear Thyroid, although I’m sure she has done much behind the scenes we don’t know about. Welcome Kerri!

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