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To Be Clear, Thyroid, I Will Forgive You Today. But, Just For Today

Post Published: 18 June 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear thyroid,

Today and only today, I thank you.

Oh please, don’t believe for a minute that I’ve forgiven you for the mess you made with my life.  No, dear thyroid I wouldn’t go that far.  You’ve embarrassed me with crazy mood swings you’ve put me through.  Confused me with rapid weight loss, to the rapid weight gained.  And now you won’t help me take it off anymore, because now you’re tired!  You’ve run yourself dry running me ragged all those years I refused to kill you off, hoping that one day you would come to your senses and treat me right.

It’s ok.  Today I can let it all go.  Just for today, the 19th of May.  Because on this day, in 2009 I had a pituitary tumor removed, which I may never have known about if it wasn’t for you.

In 2003, you led me on a cheerful chase.  Sure I had thyroid antibodies, but did I have Graves or Hashimoto’s?  You led me to endocrinologists who told me I was overweight, would get diabetes and die.  Those same endos told me not to worry about you…oh no, nothing to be done about you yet!  Shell shocked, I stopped perusing for an answer.  I changed. I wasn’t the same person anymore.  Instead, I was confused, moody, and irrational.  The people I met during that time thought I was crazy.  No new friendships were made.  Some old ones were lost.  And then, like a light shining bright, I found a great doctor who referred me to a GREAT endocrinologist; one who listened.  This endocrinologist was the first person ever to ask if I had been treated for insulin resistance due to my PCOS.  The first person who said “don’t worry, we’re going to make you feel better” and mean it.

While you were getting under control with the PTU, dear thyroid, I was racked with a host of unpleasant symptoms.  You responded so well to the PTU that my dose was lowered weekly.  I felt on top of the world.  Then my breasts started leaking milk.  My wonderful endo sent me for a n MRI of my brain right away, suspecting a prolactinoma.  Yes, there was a small tumor on my pituitary gland.  It was small, and a year later there was no growth, so I ignored it.  Had a couple more babies, didn’t think anything of the headaches I began to get with my last pregnancy.  Then I had another MRI.  IT had grown.  IT had bled.  IT needed to come out. IT was taken out.

I survived. vision intact.  Outlook on life forever changed.

Without you, dear thyroid, I may never have known, never realized how serious the time bomb in my head could have been.

So for today, I thank you.  But only for today.

Tomorrow is another story.


(Bio) Georgia: I’m still struggling to get all my hormones in check, including my thyroid.  Being hypo is such a change from being hyper, but I’m finding dietary ways to feel better. Exercise helps. And, the people around me, who really have come to understand these issues. Priceless. Check out Georgia’s blog.

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Reader Feedback

10 Responses to “To Be Clear, Thyroid, I Will Forgive You Today. But, Just For Today

  1. Wow! That blew me away!

    Thanks for your letter, and yes tomorrow is another day…the first day of the rest of your life!

  2. Donna says:

    Wow is right but you know what? You may be struggling but you are on top of it, as draining as it can be, and that is awesome. Good luck!

  3. Shan McKenzie says:

    Georgia, You’ve been through a lot and thanks for sharing your story. I’m with you on the change of outlook that you’re experiencing. Sending you good vibes for all of your todays, live it up girl!

  4. Dear Thyroid says:


    Thank you for writing this awesome letter. I love that you found appreciation for your thyroid, if even for a moment. Clearly, you are a fighter and one who doesn’t give up.

    I’m excited about your future, and look forward to more Dear Thyroid letters about how you’re doing AND GROWING.

    Also, thank you for sharing more of you with us.


  5. Ladybug says:

    What a great letter, thank you for sharing with us!

  6. HDinOregon says:


    What a great letter!! You found the silver (though somewhat tarnished) lining in your thyroid misery, and so prevented much bigger harm. You have a wonderful fighting spirit! I hope that all your follow-ups come back clean and negative.

    On the other I am again dismayed that yet another endo reinforced my stereotype of this particular medical branch. Calling you overweight and sending you packing is unfortunately all to common. When will they ever learn?

    Again, thanks for writing it all down and sharing with us.

    All the best to you!!

    HD in Oregon


  7. Georgia, thank you for sharing this awesome letter! The way you are grateful for what your thyroid has done for you, even if it is for a moment, is admirable. I think it’s important to have a mindset like yours–to know that there will be days where we hate what our thyroid has done to us, but to also be open to realizing the good that comes from bad situations.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!


  8. debbie says:

    Thank u for sharing with us:)I admire your strenght n courage n never give up. We know how our own bodies r feeling,its frusrating when some doctors don’t listen!but u didn’t accept, u kept going until u found (endo)that did listen:)best wishes:)debbie

  9. Georgia says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments and thoughts!!! I just realized this morning that my letter had been posted! Exciting! 🙂

  10. Lolly says:

    Georgia sorry I am late in replying, I applaud youi for not giving up and finding a docotr who would listen and treat you, you’ve been through enough time to start healing are you still taking PTU? How are you now Hypo sucks worse than hyper well for me any way.

    good luck and I wish you all the best on your hjourney with Thyrd disease.

    Great letter too Thank you for sharing part of you.


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