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Comment Of The Day: July 1, 2010

Post Published: 01 July 2010
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I read something today that caught my eye “What will it take”. Though it was written in the context of something different, it’s applicable to Dear Thyroid’s community, I think.

We find ourselves feeling a myriad of emotions related to our conditions chronically. As chronically as chronic conditions. Have we been correctly diagnosed? Have we been diagnosed? Are we being treated correctly? If so, why do so many of us still feel like balls of shit? Why won’t our doctors hear us? Our doctors hear us, but we’re still not feeling better, hardly like ourselves? We lose friends, family and bits and pieces of ourselves. We watch them drift away in an eerie breeze. And, we wonder why? Why me? Why now? Why this? When? And, so many other thoughts and feelings.

What will it take… to ensure that every doctor is properly educated about thyroid diseases and thyroid cancers, well enough to provide correct and, dare I say – accurate testing? What will it take… to educate new inductees into the Jacked Thyroid Club before they’re thyroid is so jacked, it renders them dangerously close to death? What will it take… to educate the general population about the absolute truth of thyroid disease and thyroid cancer?

The answer is us… All of us. Our entire website is a living, breathing, ongoing series of letters, columns, comments and board posts, chronicling the absolute truth about our diseases and cancers; in our voices. Our willingness to write about what feels like unspeakable things that happen to our bodies, invokes change. There are thousands of us writing to our thyroids, connecting with other patients, sharing the harrowing stories, and success in comments – And we need to continue. We need to keep this demonstration of truth going.

Don’t stop submitting those cardsletters, comments and posts. Keep bringing us closer as a community. Reach out for support. Lend support.

We are at the beginning of change – together – as a community. We have accomplished so much. Imagine how much more we will achieve as a thyamily?

I’m so proud to be a part of this community. Not a day goes by when I don’t say to myself “Girl, you are the luckiest dame on the planet.”

This morning’s Dear Thyroid Letter, “A One-Time Event”, written by Adrienne, is a sad, short tale about the inability to get properly diagnosed and treated. How horrific it is to sit back and watch your body be consumed by something that can be controlled, to some degree. If you didn’t read Adrienne’s letter, please do, and send some love and support. If you’ve walked the mile, remind her. Remind her to fight.

An excerpt from her letter: “I get it. You are probably what’s making me sick. But if it is you, can you do me a favor and have my numbers actually come back as abnormal?”

Today’s comment

ashton2190 says:

Adrienne: I can’t tell you how relieving it is to read your letter. I have truly gone through the ringer with doctor after doctor just telling me that I’m depressed or that I eat too much, etc. then when they finally tested/diagnosed me, it was all about the numbers. shouldn’t the fact that I’m miserable mean anything to you?? make me feel better! don’t make the numbers look prettier!

needless to say, I really appreciated your letter today. it was exactly what I needed.

Imma Be Queen of Leptin: How It Rocks Your Thyroid, written by Dr. Gottfried. How much do we love this doctor?! She exemplifies the kind of doctor we all want to be treated by. Her articles are as savvy, inviting and warm as she is. Today’s topic was equally thyocative (provocative in a thyroid way).

If you didn’t read it, please do. The topic if Leptin, weight loss, thyroid, hypothyroid, PCOS, among other things were addressed. Dr. G. has generously given us such an awesome opportunity to learn more about our disorders and cancers, as well as connect with her!

Here is an excerpt from her post today “As leptin lowers, your TSH will more accurately reflect your tissue levels, assuming you are also limiting stress and exposure to endocrine disruptors such as bis-phenol A (BPA) and other lovelies that mess with your thyroid receptors.”

Linda says:

WOW! Thank you so much! Every new finding and bit of new information that I get makes me feel so optimistic that someday I will be “normal” again. My friends and family say I was never “normal”, but all of you understand. Now it is time to call the Endo. and request a leptin test be added to my next work up. Thanks again!

Tomorrow’s Dear Thyroid full fat feast consists of a new Dear Thyroid Letter, and a new installation of Fat Thigh-roid Woes.



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