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Thyrants And Thyraves

Post Published: 03 July 2010
Category: Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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In today’s thyrants and thyraves, and questions, of course, we have a lot of patients inquiring about medications and other treatments. Please connect with each other and share your experiences. Perhaps, even share a few resources and lend support. We need each other. We learn from each other. We’re there for each other. You rule! So, you know.

Thyrants and Thyraves

DMC: Yes….why do I keep losing my 1/4 grain Armour pill to the floor under my refrigerator every time I attempt to roll it into my hand from the pill bottle?!!!! LOL! I don’t have this issue with my 1/2 and 1 grain pills! It’s like the quarter grains have wings!

KB: Nope not today tired but that’s because I’ve been up since 1 am w my little girl lol I’m feeling good today no mood swings yet and my energy is better today hoping it gets warmer so I can take me lil one swimming hope the rest of the day stays this way I feel almost normal

AM: started armour 6 days ago, passed out at acme today, don’t know why

TY: Dodd Really tired of my hair falling out…. I miss my thick curly hair 🙁

AR: GAAAAAAAHHHH! i could literally FILL this space with just a stream of expletives. i am fighting RA, candida and am just generally miserable right now. stuck in this apt in a cast after yet ANOTHER surgery, it’s hot, it’s humid and i’m just going insane. last nite was misery. pain and restless legs, and no sleep even with multiple sleep aids. shit.


TMJ: Gosh for years I thought that I was in the group of a “few” who found managing my dosage so difficult. It’s pretty difficult without medical insurance. I go to the health dept for TSH screenings and take the report to my lil ‘sliding scale’ clinic about every 6 months. I had RAI 14 years ago. This week I have follow up at the Emory Eye Clinic for my strabismus surgery and will find out if there will be additional strabismus surgery needed or if we can move on to eyelid surgery for the GO. I will once again have to apply for financial aid for this surgery. I have been able to get help as my eye problems are so obvious and have disrupted my life so much. My meds currently need adjusting (I can feel it) but as usual it has to wait while I deal with the financials of the GO problems. Anyway, I am hangin in there as usual and doing the best that I can. In my pics on facebook I have pics documenting pre (prednisone moon face) and post bi-lateral orbital decompression surgery. All of this due to the “oh so easy to treat” Graves Disease. I am one of those people that gets more than a little excited when it gets minimized as ‘minor’ health problem. What I felt all those years is now evidenced in my ever changing and painful eyes. Hope the news at the eye dr. will lead closer to resolution.

RI: wondering what I am going to do because I had my last yoga class with my wonderful yoga instructor! Yoga is what helps me deal with my hypothyroid symptums and a lot of other stuff! I looked forward to working with him every week! Now that I am not going to have weekly anymore I wonder what I am going to do!


Complete this sentence, please “When I got my diagnosis, I thought…”


LFM: There is an explanation for how crappy I’ve been feeling.

AG:  Grateful that I am not Bipolar!!!! LOL that was what they told me prior and meds for Bipolar are HORRIBLE! Lithium killed me

KC: So grateful I’m not dying! I felt like shit….so I knew something was wrong. 10 yrs later…..still feel like shit!

What did your disease take from you this week? Or, what did your disease give to you this week?

AL: My disease took away my will to get out of bed and enjoy the beautiful summer weather! My disease gives me self-loathing and excess weight…..

AFM: This disease (Hashimoto’s) took my Thyroid! Had a total thyroidectomy on Wednesday! Feeling nervous but hopeful about my recovery!

PC:  A – I am having one on July 20th. I am getting anxious and nervous. I have both Graves and Hashis. How are you doing overall so far?

KK: My thyroid behaved itself so well this week. No cancer…and no more “fine” needles.

MG: I going to leave it on a good note today. My thyroid let me appreciate the real people that care and love me for who I am with this disease.

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2 Responses to “Thyrants And Thyraves”

  1. faith72 says:

    My rant is why do I keep colds when it is nice at outside and then winter turns ugly head to land with another cold later in the year.I can’t seem to enjoy my summer or winter. I realize my immune systerm is linked to my thyroid.I’m sick being in bed all the time. I used to riding my bicycle and being outdoors,now I can’t stand to be outdoors. I just enjoy being indoors. About the time I go out is get things for the house and to take my cats out.

  2. Linda says:

    Ar I have reatless leg problems two things help me cope with its hot out. (different in winter, hot hot bath the best) Sleep on the couch. Slide down so you can push your feet against the arm of the sofa. This will help them from moving and hurting. Also eat a banana, this can help too. xxxxfeeling your pain, Linda

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