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Thyme For Literary Healing: Sexitude, Doing Things That Make You Feel Sexy And Beautiful

Post Published: 07 July 2010
Category: Feeling Sexy In A New Thyroid Ravaged Body, Thyme for literary healing
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Thyrellas and Thyfellas, let’s discuss things that make us feel sexy. Yes, our bodies and minds have changed, as have our libidos. Some of flown the coup, they’re missing in action, regardless of what we do to locate them. While others have a very high sex drive. Here’s the thing, the thing we don’t discuss… What do we do to make ourselves feel sexy and beautiful?

We’ve put together a few questions we want you to answer, so we can learn from each other about ways to make ourselves feel desirable and gorgeous, in our new selves.

  1. Do you feel un-sexy? If so, why?
  2. Do you feel sexy?
  3. What 3 things have you done to feel like the hot mama or papa you are?
  4. What 3 things would you like to learn that others to rekindle this part of themselves?

Ready? Set. Write!

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Reader Feedback

17 Responses to “Thyme For Literary Healing: Sexitude, Doing Things That Make You Feel Sexy And Beautiful”

  1. Gina says:

    okay im just going to answer the question so here we go……

    yes i feel unsexy…. because i have this huge linebacker neck and ive put on sooo much weight. plus my skin is so dry and my nails are all brittle…

    i wish i did feel sexy.

    three huh,
    well i went to get a pedi yesterday

    lots of retail therepy so i have lots of nice clothes, they always make me feel good

    a happy hair cut.

  2. Gina says:

    oh i must add, the pedi my hubby always loves my feet so if i take care of them he touches them,lol. i love that…the clothes, he loves the way i dress so when something new comes out of the closet… you never knw what could come from it. and the hair well its so short now alot of times i washa nd wear i have super curly hair but when i take the time to straiten it i know thats his button, he cant kkeep his hands out of it, i guess the answers needed a lil clarification,,lol.

  3. Donna says:

    1. I don’t feel un-sexy
    2. I don’t feel sexy necessarily
    3. I feel like a hot mama because I am, lol! Seriously though, I try to remember to take care of myself by eating right, drinking enough fluids and taking some pride in my appearance. If I feel well I tend to look better if that makes any sense!
    4. I am open to suggestion. I am in peri-menopause and would like to learn from others what I have in store and what I can do to lessen the sexual disconnection so may speak of.

    I just got a script for Es-ring which should help this dryness and itchiness that is new to me and not in a good way. The hormones stay in that region only so I will let you know the pros and cons once I insert it into the “vault” which is what the instructions call it.

    Look forward to reading other comments, my husband will thank you, lol!

  4. Kathy says:

    1.Do you feel un-sexy? If so, why?
    Sometimes, if I’m with younger, single women who are talk talk talking about their exploits. Are they trying to impress me, depress me or shock me? Other times when I see myself in all those mirrors in a hotel. It’s not very often that I go away and spend time in a hotel, and I’m glad. That reality check is definitely a turn off, even for me.
    2.Do you feel sexy?
    Most of the time, yes! Maybe more than sexy, I feel sensual. I want to experience it all.
    3.What 3 things have you done to feel like the hot mama or papa you are?
    Learning to love myself right where I am has been the hardest part of my journey in sexuality. I’m 55 now, so thyroid issue or not, being sexy can be a test. I’m old enough to show the cleavage (when I’m not at work 🙂 ), so I do… I practice being sensual with the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the products that I use on my body..I try to wake up all my senses. I tell a story about eating a pear, and it being the all time most intense experience.
    I talk sexy talk, ready books that are a little spicy..I flirt..I believe that I am sexy.
    and.. I spend time with myself, exploring my own physical feelings and what I like…
    Be persistent..just do it! Tell yourself..I’m sexy..keep on saying and practicing it.. it will happen

  5. Dear Thyroid says:

    Gina, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. This is not a topic that’s easy to talk about at all. So many of us, too many of us have endured such physical changes to our body, we literally feel swallowed whole. It’s as if a teeny us is crying out to be seen.

    I hear you.

    I love all of the wonderful things you did to remind yourself JUST HOW BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY AND FABULOUS YOU ARE.

  6. Dear Thyroid says:

    Gina –

    Love your hubby! He sounds lovely and wonderful. Sounds like you bought some real sexy clothes. LOVE IT, GIRL. I’m sure he adored your feet to bits and pieces.

  7. Dear Thyroid says:

    Donna –

    Love your honesty. And, on Dear Thyroid, we let er’ rip. There is no such thing as TMI. First, of all, have you checked out Mary Shomon’s THYROID MENOPAUSE SOLUTION (book and companion website)? http://www.menopausethyroid.com/

    I tweeted to ask others to join our conversation, so they can speak directly to perimenopause.

    When my thyroid has been severely out of whack, I’ve had perimenopause, and girl, I was dry as a bone. My vadge went from the Yosemite to the Sahara overnight. I feel your pain.

    I love the fact that you make a concerted effort to do things that make you feel great about yourself, that’s so important.

    Please do keep us posted on the new ring.


  8. Dear Thyroid says:

    Kathy – When folks share their sexual liaisons with you, how do you react? When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see a beautiful woman reflecting back at you?

    ooh, love, love, love that you feel sensual. What is the difference as you define it between sexual and sensual?

    Love your tips and advice. You’re so right. We can do things that are sexual and sensual in all areas of our life. And, especially, getting to know our own bodies. There are so many erogenous zones to be explored. All of this helps us love ourselves. I adore the way you pay attention to the details. LOVE IT, GIRL

  9. Okay… I’ll bite…

    Do you feel un-sexy? If so, why?
    Hmm… let me think… There is nothing sexier than a woman with twenty extra pounds on her mid section, brittle hair falling down around her feet, who sweats profusely and constantly and is more than likely to fall asleep during any sort of “physical activity.” Yeah baby… the boys are lining up around the block for this hot momma. Oh wait.. we forgot the scar! We musn’t forget the scar that can be seen three blocks away.

    Do you feel sexy?
    See above.. Who wouldn’t want that? Do you know what’s even hotter? Throw in some PMS, acne, bloated ankles and all…. grrrr

    What 3 things have you done to feel like the hot mama or papa you are?
    Flirting in bars with strange men, retail therapy, massages.

    What 3 things would you like to learn that others to rekindle this part of themselves?
    No friggin clue

  10. Kathy says:

    When I listen to the titillating stories of the younger set, I think that I take it all in with a grain of salt. Most of the stories shared with me are from persons who knows me well and know that I struggle to keep the hot-cha-cha alive in my own relationship. Alas, that in itself is not thyroid related..Funny how I look in the mirror and see a beautiful me, and feel beautiful til I see photos of myself and get jogged back to reality. So, maybe I live in a little land of denial, and would rather go on what my feelings are. I have two best of friends who love me unconditionally and get upset with me if I engage in too much self deprecating humor. Is that the trick to it all? Loving ourselves unconditionally? We do seem to make a list of the whys and why nots of loving ourselves.. ie: “I’d love myself better if I were skinnier, more attractive, had a better shape, were smarter”…blah blah blah
    Defining the difference between sensuality and sexuality? Once I compared sex to coffee, in a conversation with my daughter. I would much rather enjoy selecting roasted beans, grinding them myself, inhaling the aroma, and listening to it percolate and brew, then enhancing it with some cream and raw sugar, than a cuppa joe made instant in the microwave. Sex can be fast and furious and sometimes that’s ok. Sensuality and exploring oneself or even better, the other person…think of all the senses..using your eyes to look at the other person..really look at them, touching them..long slow gentle kisses, fluttery butterfly kisses, listening to their sounds, inhaling their aroma(s)..it can lead to sex, but not necessarily..it can be better.. I hope that helps! I’m in the mood now!

  11. Lisa Stiers says:

    Okay! How do you feel sexy when you see your body change, let alone the other problems that come with this disease. For us gals it’s the pms and monthly struggle to be able to find the time. The harmones going back and forth, let alone the media image of what’s sexy out there! Then the medical problems you get with this.
    You have all of these different stages you go through. It’s hard to keep you confidence in your image, unless you have a good support there helping you to understand and taking the time to talk about it with out people telling you it’s an attitude. You know act sexy and then you are! So now I should become an actress!
    Have you noticed that there are times it takes us a little longer to get our motor running. Not complaining there that can be fun, but at times you wonder why don’t I do what I used to do. It’s because my body has changed and no doctor was honest enough to tell me that it could happen. This stupid disease has taken so much of me, it’s like why couldn’t you leave the one thing I so enjoy with my partner, my husband alone? Grrrrrrr! To be honest here, it’s hot and cold spells! Darn harmone levels again, then the auto immune things happen and oh you need surgery and once again you find at least with me oh thank you hashimotos you struck again! Man I didn’t know at first that was the cause of all the stuff I went through there. It took me a year ago to find it out. That’s when I got the lovely news of hashimotos. I thought it was just me, now I’m trying to find ways to feel as if I’m sexy! Sure buying something can give you that short term feeling! I’m trying to find ways to give you the long term feeling of being not just sexy but maybe my fantasy of what I want to be! Not a easy road! It’s that dream of looking in the mirror and seeing myself as beautiful, sexy and my husbands fantasy! All you can do is keep working on it until you know you have done you best to get back what you once was!

  12. Miss Angela says:

    Yes I feel unsexy….
    I really should not but I do.
    I have retained a lot of water and gained tons of weight. It is frustrating because when I was younger I had a doctor tell me ” honey your so tall you will never be fat” HA!!! dumbass…

    I do take care of myself, I walk take my vitamins and just recently quit smoking. It was not helping with the exercise part… that and I wanted to detoxify my system and you cannot do that with that toxic habit.
    I plan on going shopping when I have the money.. right now just walking and coming to the library. Reading a lot. I think I am in the dull times of my marriage. It is sad really because we used to be on FIRE! I do miss it for the most part I am glad at times when we dont do it. I think it is meanness on my part. He has always had a very LOW sex drive and I have been high sex drive. So its kinda fun seeing him all tied up in his britches for a change. LMAO! I know I am horrible. You dont know how many fights we have had over that topic. Money and Sex are the biggest fights in my house. I just feel like we are that song ” You’ve lost that loving feelin”. so sad.. I do want the fire back!

  13. landsman2010 says:

    2 – sexy? HELL YES! all of us with chronic conditions are STRONGER for it, hence, sexier and better able to take on life’s obstacles than the average Joe or.. Josefina.. we are all different and while our thyroids might make us lose weight/gain weight we are all beautiful. there is nothing more beautiful than expressing yourself. everyone here is beautiful outside and in and don’t let anyone tell you differently. you can let your disease define you or you can define it for yourself and then work with it and live your life accordingly. i know it’s not that easy, but we can bit by bit gain self-confidence by facing our condition feet first.

    3 – i run which is a HUGE stress reliever, i walk, too. just getting outside is a major de-stressor for me. any physical activity kind of turns my mind off and enhances my other senses — go outside and breathe — it’s amazing (but watch out for that heat wave!) i also like to go out with my girl friends and hang out uptown, go dancing on a friday sometimes. so much fun 🙂 xoxo

  14. Dear Thyroid says:

    I am loving this conversation and will be back to add my two cents and respond. This is absolutely amazing. I’m so proud of everyone. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS – sex, sexuality, feeling beautiful, these things are so important to us as human beings. More in a bit… For reals.

  15. Lisa Stiers says:

    I just thought of something I had taken myself off of thyroid for two years. I know stupid. My sex drive went into the tank along with everything else roller coaster ride on that one too. Again not enough harmone to put it into drive. You would have those moments when ok yes I’m ready and then as fast as it came, it seem to go bye bye just as fast. Hay know idea why then, I felt like a stop sign green-go, yellow-caution, red-stop! My husband must have felt like I was a tease! I wasn’t I was going through a harmonal and
    chemical embalanced. I had no idea. It wasn’t that I had lost interest it was my chemistry wasn’t there. Oh this gland of ours. Then when I got the thyroid back and started dealing with other areas that came up, it was like hello! Here I am and my husband couldn’t understand what happened! All of the sudden I was to much to handle and found out he just wanted me to leave him alone. Well bummer I’m back with all gears running and I couldn’t help it. I guess I went to the extreme level from no harmone to omg yes I still work! Like I said before roller coaster ride on so many levels! Yes I do feel sexier, but I also see what this has done to my skin and my body! That’s were I need the most help! Someone please drop me into a vat of olive oil and let mt skin soak it up! Plus all the weight I lost because of how this harmone effected me, it put me into a short of thyroid storm that I learned it gave me problems way beyond what I ever knew! So now I need a iron to get all the wrinkles out. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and go to the surgoen tell him alittle off here and there and make a mini-me! Lol Do I like the changes no, do I have to deal with them yes! Will I embrace what this is doing to me, well I’m working on that and learning to! This isn’t my fault, I did know what this disease was doing to me. I just need to turn on the disease like it turn on me. Here I have the chance to do it!

  16. Liz Campbell says:

    Do you feel un-sexy? If so, why?
    Pretty often…especially when I compare myself to my gorgeous, tall, younger sister. Also, my dad told me that I wasfat when I was twelve…so I’ve always struggled with body image.
    Do you feel sexy?
    Um sometimes… especially on days that I have worked out, eaten right, and had lots of water to drink. Especially when my husband flirts with me.

    What 3 things have you done to feel like the hot mama or papa you are?
    Worked out, gone on a date with the hubby, worn my hair down (it’s finally growing!)

    What 3 things would you like to learn that others to rekindle this part of themselves?
    Whatever suggestions you have would be awesome!
    Ready? Set. Write!

  17. ValGardena says:

    1. Do you feel un-sexy? If so, why?
    NOT ANYMORE!! Since I got my THY regulated. I never felt unsexy, even when I gained weight because my husband appreciated my curvaceous rockin’ bod.
    2. Do you feel sexy?
    Oh YES. Now I feel like I am sexy. 🙂 Lost 37 lbs. toned up and ready to sing Robin Thicke’s SEX THERAPY at the top of my lungs.
    3. What 3 things have you done to feel like the hot mama or papa you are?
    Lost weight, made a new life for myself, joined a gym hired a personal trainer. Made life about ME for a change.
    4. What 3 things would you like to learn that others to rekindle this part of themselves?
    Take care of yourself FIRST, in more ways than one 😉 If you don’t USE it, you lose it. If you are single, don’t be afraid to get your azz out there. Always remember, thyroid will never be capable of defeating your inner sexuality, no matter what body you inhabit. It’s all about the mind baby!!!

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