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Comment Of The Day: July 9, 2010

Post Published: 09 July 2010
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We kicked off the day with a sad and painfully honest letter, Forsaken, written by Chris P. That letter was not easy to write. The psychiatric issues that plague thyroid patients are very real, and the sense of loss when we are quite literally consumed by our diseases. In the afternoon, Nicole Wells served us with another installation of Fat Thigh-roid Woes, and she addressed rage – thyroid rage – it’s fierce, yo. Later on, Kerri Schwartz posted an introduction and requested folks to add their cities to the list for local Dear Thyroid meet-ups and support groups.

I heart you, thyeeps. I love your courage and bravery, and willingness to bring it – you’re fearless. I am in awe of you.

Forsaken, written by Chris. A must read Dear Thyroid Letter. Here’s an excerpt: “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I had everything going for me before you up and got sick on me. You may have left a wake of mental fog, but I still clearly remember what it was like to be happy. Why couldn’t you take that memory with you instead of torturing me with it?”

Today’s comment…

Michelene says:


Thank you for your letter. I can relate to what you are feeling and thinking. This last week I felt like I was “paranoid girl” and I was freaking out over a swollen gland in my neck. I am still “recovering” from my 3rd surgery. I had a neck dissection and this surgery really hit me.

I was told the swollen gland, yesterday, seems normal for 3 months in the recovery process. I just need to watch it:)) ?? My neck is numb and I feel anxious and worried. I freaked out a couple of nights ago because of this “stupid” gland thing and I stated on my fbook status that I was worried and had to get something “checked” out. I felt weak and regretted posting it, but I realized it actually helped me. I had friends “watching”. They keep me laughing and acting like my goofy self. If you ever need to chat, please let me know. I have had RAI, thyrogen shots, the 3 surgeries, and had a vocal cord complication. I probably will have another RAI in August or September. The waiting is the hardest part.

Fat Thigh-roid Woes: For Every Grave Action….There is an Equal and Opposite Graves Reaction, written by Nicole Wells, a FABULOUS installation and another read you want to check out. Irreverent as nobody’s business and such a fact re: thyroid rage and how we deal with it during and after. Here’s an excerpt: “To our friends and family:  we sound like a broken record when explaining our disease, and no one will ever fully get it unless they live it.  No one can understand that mentally, emotionally, and physically, we are messed up.  No one can fully understand Graves RAGE until they themselves have experienced it, and to make matters worse – when we’re talked to about our attitudes, we blow up and then internalize the guilt.  How do we stop the cycle of….confrontation, explosion, “calm down”, cry, guilt, explode again, rinse and repeat?”

Today’s comment…

Lolly says:


Love your take on Graves rage and avoid negativity, hard a times and when you blow we sure do blow, take for the hills barricade yourself in Lolly is on the rampage.

I used to hate myself for going on one, then I tried to control it, which made it worse, then I decided to fucking laugh at myself because it was laughable the silly things that could bring on a rage.

I still have the odd outburst now and again and thank fuck the people around me ignore me, because to answer me back would be suicidal. Does it get any better or is it less frequent? I thought things would improve and then go completely but no they still linger waiting to erupt at the slightest things. I find what helps me is taking myself off to a quiet place, and having time out it works for me that way sometimes. That way I don’t upset anyone or tell them things they don’t want to hear.

Reading this brings it home as to how bad it got, and I would have done the exact same thing as you if that twat had said that to me. I don’t know about waiting till she left either I would have confronted her there and then never mind telling me to fuck off she would have been wearing her Starbucks, with mine on top of it.

People can be so arrogant and ignorant and before maybe asking do you suffer allergies or do you have swine flu they automatically assume what ever you got you going to pass it on shame we can’t pass on Graves disease let the bitch deal with that.

Thank you for your article It was great to rage here.


Dear Thyroid Meet-Ups And Support: From Kerri Schwartz An excerpt from today’s post “I am thrilled to help facilitate and organize Dear Thyroid Meet Ups and support groups.  It is so powerful to be able to meet with other thyroid patients, make connections, and provide offline support for each other.  And of course, we are here to help support this process every step of the way!”

Today’s comment…

Bee says:

welcome Kerri-we can be a roudy, vocal , opinionated bunch. We love us!!!!

After Thyrants and Thyraves, we’re going to be posting a NEW contest! Please don’t forget to get those butterfly paragraph submissions in. We only have 3 spaces left. Send. Send. Send.

What else would you like to see posted tomorrow? A literary healing? Something new? A group post? Tell us what YOU want.



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