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Comment Of The Day: July 10, 2010

Post Published: 10 July 2010
Category: Comment of the Day
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I’ve been thinking a lot about something I referenced earlier this week regarding how we refer to ourselves as patients first instead of people. I wonder… what if we were to change that. What if we were to talk about ourselves as people who happen to have (insert disease here)? What would that feel like?

Thoughts, opinions are welcome and appreciated.

Patient Perspective Piece: Bipolor Disorder and The Bipolar Thyroid Connection, written by Peggy Pendalton, chronicles her experience with Bipolar disorder and an overview about the disease, as well as the thyroid connection. If you missed it, yes, this is me, strongly encouraging you to read it.

Here is an excerpt “A lack of impulse control and a high tolerance for chaotic disorder is a another symptom of someone in the hypo-manic phase of the illness.  All these things might seem to you like personality. And yes, there might be a narrow line between being a charming, flirtatious, fast-talking smarty-pants, but then if you have no boundaries at all, and you feel compelled to fuck your sister’s husband, you are probably at risk of driving the bullet-train that is your “personality” off the cliff.”

Comment of the day…

Quin Browne says:

I read Peggy’s blog on a fairly regular basis… her trip though the Valley of Bi-Polar echoes my own in many ways…and, she makes me remember I’m not alone.

My mother is an untreated bi-polar…she refuses to acknowledge that she is one. Her shopping trips are legendary, her mania is soul sucking. My son is also bi-polar, and accepts it–although not enough to medicate.

I’m sure my thyroid issues enhance my bi polar behavior… I medicate both issues and try and hope nightly the medicines will work.

I can say bi-polars are never dull, seldom stupid and vastly entertaining… I can also say we are exhausting to be around.


Thanks for this, Peggy… I continue to admire you much.ly. This post pretty much explains why.

Thyrants, Thyraves And 3 Adjectives, in today’s post, we shared everyone’s rants, raves and asked some self esteem questions. A few patients shared their experiences and provided support. If you haven’t reached out for support or shared your rant/rave of the week, please do.

Comment of the day…

Gina says:

i totally agree. i was diagnosed with hoshi but shortly after thyroid cancer… i go through the heat flashes so bad we keep our house at 69-70 degrees all year long.i run around in the winter in shorts and flip flops and love it,lol. the red face or the uncontrollable sweats i hate with a passion. i can only hope that after i have my thyroid and his friend nodule removed i might be able to finally control this. wish you gals the best..


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One Response to “Comment Of The Day: July 10, 2010”

  1. Linda says:

    I agree so much with thinking of ourselves as “people” first, then some of our “issues”.
    I don’t believe I “turned the page” until I stopped labeling myself.
    Having an illness for a lifetime is so heavy.
    I hope you all can claim to have days of “normacy”, at least some.
    After 8 years I have purposely tried to think of myself as a person first, a condition second.
    Just changing these thoughts have strengthen me.
    “Mind over Matter”
    In the early years of this illness , I would have not believed I could have thought this way.
    I remember so painfully my “crawling around” with so many pains and troubles, head to toe.
    Everytime I have a bad day again, I do remember.
    But I also can tell you I can feel a difference from the early years.
    True I am not the same person, but I do find that I can enjoy life again. Differently no doubt, but enjoyable.
    I want to so much encourage you that are so low and upset to believe that your life can get better.
    I read about your pain and sorrows and my heart breaks for you because I do know how bad this can be.
    If I can share one thing, believe and keep believing, keep working on all of it. I wish I could tell you it’s easy, I can’t, but I can tell you it’s worth it, YOUR WORTH IT!!!! My very best and love to you, Linnyxoxoxoxoxo

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