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Post Published: 12 July 2010
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UPDATE: Many of the international bands were sent back to us (as of Saturday). We are re-sending them at the end of July. All international folks that didn’t receive your bracelets, it’s because they were returned to us. We’re resolving this. We apologize for the inconvenience. And, we greatly appreciate your passion to spread awareness. If you did receive your band, kindly let us know.

SASE’S: All SASE’S need 2/61 cent stamps for 1-4 bracelets. If you did not receive your SASE bracelet, it is likely in the postal office. Because we do not generate revenue, we cannot cover postage. Interestingly enough, some 43 cent stamp bracelets did make it through, which is great. Clearly, the postal office is unpredictable. Because we can’t control their decision, we know for a fact that 2/61 cent stamps will get your bracelets to you. Please let us know if you sent a SASE and didn’t receive your bracelets. Please let us know how much postage you added.

DOMESTIC BRACELETS ORDERED BEFORE FEBRUARY 1ST: All domestic bracelets have gone out. Please note: we have sent out over 3,000 bracelets. If you did not receive it, it’s not because we didn’t send it. Rather, we think it’s akin to the Internet not always working. IE: These things happen. Please let us know and we will re-send.

NEW: If you want to order a FREE bracelet (or up to 4), please do! We have so many bracelets. Collectively, we need/want to ensure that awareness for thyroid diseases and thyroid cancers is being spread by all of us. Please pass the order URL here to family and friends that want to support you and spread awareness.

Please contact Kerri or leave a comment. If you received your bracelet, please let us know. If you feel like sending a picture, well that would be just dandy.

Together, we are changing the face of thyroid diseases and cancers, not just by giving voice to our diseases, but also by wearing them on our sleeves and wrists.


Dear Thyroid

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12 Responses to “Multinational THYROID AWARENESS BANDS UPDATE”

  1. pamfrost1965 says:

    how do i purchase one for myself i have hyperthyroid and am on synthroid for the rest of my life

  2. Dear Thyroid says:

    Hi Pam;

    Our bracelets are 100% free. Please send a self addressed stamped envelope with 2/61 cent stamps to the address listed on this URL: http://dearthyroid.org/awareness/awareness-bands/

    Thank you for spreading awareness, Pam!

    Very sorry you’re hypothyroid. We have lots of hypothyroid patients in our community. If you want to share more about how you’re doing and feeling, we’re all here to support you.

  3. Lolly says:

    I never received mine and that is from way back I didn’t send a SAE as at that time they were being sent out free but i don’t mind if you want SASE Just want my bracelet LOL

    thanks for updating us and why they have been returned.


  4. Dear Thyroid says:

    Lolly, we don’t want you to send a SASE. You ordered your bracelet before Feb 1. We don’t know why so many of the international bracelets were returned. We’re trying to figure out who received theirs and who didn’t. We are re-sending to everyone who was kicked back to us.


  5. Lolly says:

    katie thanks I don’t mind anyway..I got my own theroies about that they donlt want us in the Uk espscially to spread awreness about thyroid disease so thjey thought they would send them back in the hope with out foggy brains we’d forget well fuck them, cus we won’t forget and I will be wearing mine to every doctors and every where I go when I do get it.Spreading the word will wear it loud and proud.

    Good luck I hope there aren’t anymore problems with sending them and receiving them did you ask why they had been kicked back?


  6. Patricia Riggs says:

    I would like two awareness (thyroid) bands. and am willing to send self addressed envelope but cant find the address to send. please help. thanks,Patricia

  7. Dear Thyroid says:

    Hi Patricia;

    thanks so much for spreading awareness, we appreciate it a lot.

    Please check out this link http://dearthyroid.org/awareness/awareness-bands/ for the address to send the SASE. Please make sure that you include 2/61 cent stamps on a letter sized envelope

  8. Dear Thyroid says:

    We’re trying to find out why they were kicked back to begin with. We want the PO to incur the cost considering so many were sent back to us WITH CORRECT POSTAGE. Hello…

    We will get it squared away and all international thylicious folks will get their bracelets.


  9. Sarah Downing says:

    So sorry to hear about the hassle, Katie. It is so annoying that so many of them got returned. I’d appreciate it if you could resend Corey’s and mine at the end of July. Thank you very much!



  10. Dear Thyroid says:

    It’s all good, Sarah. We’re just very sorry it happened. You got it. you’re on the list 🙂


  11. Sarah Downing says:

    Don’t beat yourself up about it. I just wanted to put myself in the comments, so that you have all the people in one place and it’s easier to remember.



  12. Dear Thyroid says:

    Apologies if I wasn’t clear. I am apologizing to all of our international community members to let them know that I wish the bracelets weren’t returned.

    We are taking care of this.

    Thanks so much for your continued kindness and patience.


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