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Comment Of The Day: July 17, 2010

Post Published: 17 July 2010
Category: Comment of the Day
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Sometimes, I wonder how many of us feel the need to run away. I wonder how many of us lay our heads down on the pillow, hoping that when we wake up, all this disease business we’ve endured will be a nightmare that we wake up from the next morning. I wonder how many of us wish we could run back to ourselves and view the world through our former lenses. I wonder how many of us feel empowered by what we’ve endured and the individuals we’ve become. I wonder how many of us view our diseases as – well – a gift. I wonder about many things regarding our enormous and exquisite community.

When I read your letters, comments and posts, I glean more than words could possibly express about what you endure and I feel them on such a deep level. Your struggles are my struggles. Your pain is my pain. Your joy is my joy. Your successes, I celebrate with every ounce of my being.

Because of your courage to write about your fight; you inspire me to fight for YOU that much harder. And, I thank you for that. I am forever indebted to you because of what you’ve taught me. Each of you have made me a better, stronger, more intelligent person. I’ve learned more about thyroid disease and cancer from you than I’ve learned from anyone else.

If you promise to keep writing and fighting, I promise to never stop fighting, for us as a community.

Thyme For Literary Healing: Can You Say I Love Myself? Was gorgeous—one of the most inspiring days we’ve had on Dear Thyroid. The discussion was simple… Can I say that I love myself, which beget a stunning conversation about loss, acceptance, tolerance, challenge, fear, and so much more. If you haven’t participated, please do. If you haven’t read each person’s comment, I urge you to do so, and hope that you will.

Today’s comment…

Victoria says:

Donna- I know how you feel…I have just learned to let them go. It is very hurtful when it is family. I have lost 20 year old friendships over it and can’t really say that I have any friends anymore. If I dwell on that I would be depressed and that is not gonna help me get better. I have learned to allow myself the ability to have a pity party, anger, rage, depression, hurt, tears, and any other negative emotion, I feel the feeling, yell, scream cry, journal, draw, or daydream about it for a certain amount of time and then I try to change my attitude…Know that you are not alone and we can’t change others but we can be here for those that need us and know that we can depend on them when we need someone in our time of hurt, pain, sorrow, or sadness. (Hugs)

Thyrants, Thyraves, And A Thylicious Question About Passion, Today’s THYRANTS and THYRAVES were about patients feeling tired, wired, restless, and happy. Our question was, “Since diagnosis, what have you become passionate about. The answers, I won’t give away. You’ll have to read them. I hope you’ll be as inspired as I was.

Butterflygraph Competition In Full Swing! Let The Voting Begin, We shared the rules and details about voting for the butterflygraph competition. Superty important… We will be posting each butterflygraph M-F. We’ll let you know when your graph goes live. Your task is to procure votes. The butterflygraphs that make it to the Top 5

I am off like a prom dress. Tomorrow is another festive day on Dear Thyroid. We’ll be dishing about all kinds of thy-lated things.



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  1. Donna says:

    I loved Victoria’s words and they touched my heart~

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