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Pissed Off Has Turned To Empowered

Post Published: 28 July 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid:

I suppose I should thank you for calming down a little before I went to my first endo appointment.  It was nice to fool me into thinking that whatever was wrong was temporary or mild.  A sort of respite from the months of flaming heat,  drenching sweats, pounding heart, zombie insomnia, and crazy poop attacks.  It was misleading, but nice none the less.  You gave me false hope, when deep in my heart I knew I had Graves Disease.  I let you fool me, it was ok.  Mainly I am a realist, but this was ok with me….I didn’t want to be sick, who does?   Since you were pretending to be perfectly healthy when I had my endo appointment, here is a breakdown….

Guess what?  She knows about you, she knows all about you.  You did not fool her one bit.  She came in, sat down, shook my hand and said the words “You have 2 things.  The first is Graves Disease and the second is the nodule”  She explained in detail about Graves Disease, including her first choice of treatment [for the symptoms] and all other options.

Then she explained about the biopsy.  She does 7-12 thyroid fine needle biopsies each month.  I was blown away with that number.  This is a very small state, small population.  That number just is scary.  There are that many thyroid nodules HERE that need biopsies?   What is making all these thyroids flip out?

And you thyroid?  She put me in control, you are not the boss anymore. I chose methimazole [not endo’s first choice, and she was good with that] and she gave me gory details regarding possible side effects and allergic reactions.   Somehow her descriptions, and what she does to counteract or treat…relieved my fears.  She will be on top of this, I WILL BE ON TOP OF THIS.   She is tough, tiny and no-nonsense.  Her smile was huge and she used it well.   I wasn’t intimidated, my questions weren’t nonsensical.   She explained things I didn’t even ask.   From now on, I will think of you and treat you like the oppositional thing you are.  You forget, I have dealt with a multitude of problems in my life and while you broke me initially, I know I can take this on like I have every other issue in my life… one step at a time by educating myself.   It may be a battle, you may get ahead of me, but I run this show/body.

Only 5 days on Methimazole, and I feel a slight difference.  A few symptoms have disappeared, how do you like that you asshat-thyroid?  I know you are tricky and this treatment may need tweaking, but as I said before….. I am on top of this, and my endo has your number.

No love for you,


(bio):  Amanda… who has just gotten the diagnosis of Graves Disease… one of the suckiest names for a disease ever.

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Reader Feedback

9 Responses to “Pissed Off Has Turned To Empowered”

  1. Bee says:

    you will indeed prevail- great attitude, so positive -sounds like you have found a keeper in your doctor. You two sound like you’ll make a great team…happiness and strength on your journey

  2. Linny says:

    as I was saying,
    dear Amanda, you have a great deal of courage and I can tell you will be one of the victors, Why because of your no nonsense approach. You go girl, I have Graves too, it’s taking awhile but I’m doing things to get better and I have many good days.
    It took me longer to get tough with it.
    You are already out in front…..keep your positive thoughts it is a force that helps tremedously. Humor too. I have never been funnier, Laugh this devil in the face. My very best to you, xoxoxoxLinny

    • Amanda says:

      Linny, I feel sort of guilty when I read about other Graves Disease patients and how long it has/is taking to get treatment and things under control. My onset of symptoms was fast and all at once. My regular doc recognized they thyroid nodule and symptoms. While I had to wait a few weeks for an endo appt, she has rapidly worked to get this thing under control. I have been laughing at this quite a bit now, and it really helps. Amanda

  3. Linny says:

    Oh please don’t feel guilty, it means thing are getting better! That’s a good thing, right? I have a daughter who may get something related to this she’s 33. She has my twin grand~daughters and I am studing and learning for them too. If and when they get this, I pray the answers will come even faster! So you are my good news….Thank YOU Dear! Linny

  4. Lori says:

    Amanda – It may get ahead of you at times but you will win! You have a fighting spirit and you’re educating yourself. Don’t ever feel bad about telling a “good” thyroid story. I welcome them. I want to hear more of them, especially where people are getting diagnosed sooner. It gives hope that less people will have to be so sick for sometimes years before having the correct diagnosis. It sounds like you have a good doctor to work with too.


    • Amanda says:

      Thank you. I really owe the quickness of this to info found here on Dear Thryoid, or researching info I have read about here. AND my slight obsession with needing to understand everything. In this case, it worked.


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