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Thyroid Cancer Survivor Roll Call: A Celebration of Survivorship

Post Published: 03 August 2010
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Having your name associated with cancer is hard to live with. We get it. We know thyroid cancer isn’t good or easy. We know your entire life changes after being diagnosed with cancer. We know that one little pill doesn’t take the place of your thyroid. And because of all that, we want to celebrate you. On Wednesday, September 1st and September 30th, we are going to recognize thyroid cancer survivors on Dear Thyroid. If you want to be recognized, email Joanna at joanna@dearthyroid.org and include your name as you want it to appear on Dear Thyroid, the type of thyroid cancer you have/had, and the year in which you were diagnosed. We will compile a list of all cancer survivors and we’ll recognize you and celebrate you on DearThyroid.org on September 1st and September 30th.

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Reader Feedback

65 Responses to “Thyroid Cancer Survivor Roll Call: A Celebration of Survivorship”

  1. landsman2010 says:

    Love this cool idea! Thanks Joanna, DT for compiling 🙂

  2. Brooke says:

    Great idea! I’ll be happy to see my fellow thyca survivors represented 🙂

  3. Christy says:

    Survivor of two yrs as of August 1

    • Christy, thanks so much for commenting!!!! I’d love to include you on our list! I’d like to include the type of thyroid cancer you were diagnosed with if you’re comfortable sharing–let me know!

      • Christy Wood says:

        I have been cancer free for two years now. I was diagnosed with papillary cancer in July of 2008, surgery on August 1, 2008. And, no, one pill can’t replace my thyroid, but doing great so far.

      • Kellyann Friel says:

        Hi..!! was diagnosed over a year ago and have now after two operations and radio-iodine treatment been told i DONT have to return to the hospital for one year..!!!! Yippee .. go me..!!

  4. Yasmine says:

    This is such a great idea!!thanks for putting this list together..I will email my info 🙂

  5. Tabitha says:

    For some reason my email wouldn’t go thru. So, here is my info:

    Tabitha Dodd
    Diagnosed w/ Papillary Cancer June 2007
    Cancer FREE since January 2008
    I AM a 2 1/2yr SURVIVOR!!!

    THANKS YOU for putting this list together!! It is a WONDERFUL idea!!

  6. Christine says:

    Diagnosed with mixed Papillary/follicular carcinoma July 15 2009
    Cancer Survivor going on 13 months Sunday 8/15.

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  8. Heather H says:

    I dont know if I really count as a “survivor”. I’ve been battling thyroid issues for almost 10 year now. I almost died as a result of all of the crap. I had my thyroid removed 2 years ago next may. When they removed it that is when they found the cancer. I didnt have to have chemo therapy or anything because they removed all of the cancer (that they know of) when they took the thyroid out. I do feel like I am definately a “Thyroid Survivor”.

    • Heather, in my mind, the minute you were diagnosed with thyroid cancer is the minute you became a thyroid cancer survivor. YOU ABSOLUTELY COUNT AS A SURVIVOR. It would be an honor to include you on our list. I’d like to include the type of thyroid cancer you were diagnosed with, if you’re comfortable sharing. Let me know!

      Dear Thyroid is here to support you as you deal with thyroid disease. We know it’s hard and we’re cheering you on!

      • Debbie B says:

        I just found out today that I have thyroid Cancer. I have been doing lot’s of research and feel somewhat encouraged of the success rate. I am however very scared as you can imagine. I have my consultation tomorrow with the Doctor. The unknown of of what to expect, not to mention having to go through the surgery and treatment has me nervous too. I’m glad I found your site. It’s helpful to know that we are not alone, and other people have gone through the same thing. Thank you

        • jenny says:

          dear debbie
          you poor thing, i can totally remember the day i was told i had papillary thyroid cancer, phew was a shock, but try keep positive. its a journey you would rather not take but its not that bad just be nice to yourself and remember its all going to help you to heal. cancer free 5years take care love jenny

        • Debbie, it’s great to connect with you. Of course you’re scared! That’s normal. If you have ANY questions about anything you’re dealing with, let me know! If I can’t answer your questions, I’ll help you find the answer.

          Would you like your name added to our survivorship list?

  9. heatherh826 says:

    I actually don’t know the type of Thyroid cancer it was. I just know that it was early stages. They said that I could have lived another 30 years without knowing.

  10. Tina says:

    I just saw this and was tickled to death! You never hear of thyroid cancer anything..I am a five year Hurthel cel thyroid cancer survivor! I am so greatful for everyday. I went through 2 surgeries and one radiation treatment..both where cake walks. I suffered for a good while trying to get my perfect synthroid dosage figured out. But finally all is good now. I do struggle with my weight but it is finally coming off again slowly but surely.. I am just thankful to be healthy! So nice to meet other thy cancer survivors!!

  11. Sheila Robinson says:

    My story is exactly like Tina’s. Had Herthal Cell Thyroid cancer 2 years ago this month. I struggle with my weight also but its not coming off! Maybe just need to try harder!

  12. Ashlee Walters says:

    I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer back in 2006 when I was 17, and now that I am 21, they have found another cancerous tumor on my lymph node right below where my thyroid was taken out. My doctor is hopeful, and does not want to operate now, but i might have to have a second surgery in the future.

  13. Ashlee Walters says:

    Yes, that is fine, I want others to know not to give up. Just like i am keeping the postive spirit going!

  14. Laura says:

    Diagnosed February 4, 2005. Papillary Stage One, clean since my first scan. Life is crazy, I’ll never be the same, but it sure beats the alternative!

  15. Lee Ann says:

    Diagnosed April 1998 and I have been cancer free ever since.

  16. Jayne Buley says:

    Hi there,11 months post TT for Papillary cancer in both lobes.Recieved RAI, Blood work and WBS negitive. YEAH for me:)!!!

  17. Michelle Adams-Long says:

    Hello Thyroid World:
    I’m a 2 time survivor of thyroid cancer. Thyroidectomy, a cancerous tumor removed, and then all lymphnodes on the right side of neck (ear to throat to shoulder). Followed by Iodine Radiation. Oh what fun…. Last three years cancer free, but changing of synthorid doses driving me crazy. Thanks for this site and facebook comment area for me to learn from others and not feel alone and for making me feel more sane ! I continue to give back (3yrs and counting) by captaining a Relay for Life Team “Purple Passion” – stopby and visit my page and become a friend.

    • Hi Michelle! Would you like me to add your name to the list?

      I love that you’re using your experience with cancer as a way to give back. I personally think Relay for Life is a FABULOUS way to do so.

      Congratulations on three years cancer-free!!!!!

  18. Teresa says:

    I was diagnosed with Papillary (follicular variant) Stage 1 thyroid cancer on Aug 6, 2010, after a TT on July 30. I had RAI 131 on Aug 21, 2010. Waiting on results of my whole body scan now…Please wish for good news for me…Thanks

    • Teresa, I understand how HARD the waiting part is. I really really do. Please email me if you need to chat or get the anxiety off your chest or whatever! joanna@dearthyroid.org

      Would you like your name added to the survivor list?

      • Teresa says:

        Yes!! I would love to be included on your list. My WBS showed uptake in a couple of lymph nodes on the left side of my neck. I’m so scared. My endo said we wait 6 months and then do blood test and check levels…that we have to give RAI time to work…two weeks post RAI and my neck/ear has started hurt and ache all the time. I hope its the radiation doing its job! Thanks for all the good wishes…Cancer really does stink!!

  19. 10 year survivor!!

    Dx Papillary thyroid cancer spread to lymph nodes 4/2000
    RAI 100 mCi’s 5/2000
    RAI 150 mCi’s 1/2001
    RAI 250 mCi’s 5/2005

    After it was recommended that I do a 4th radiation treatment in the form of External Beam when Tg levels rose. I sought the help of a holistic doctor who has helped me heal naturally. I am now cancer free! No radiation!!!

    My blog of my full journey is here: http://ds-ladybugsandbees.blogspot.com/

  20. Suzie Slota says:

    Add me to your list, Joanna. I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in January 2007. TT, 2 rounds of RAI & a radical neck dissection and still trying to get the last of it but LIFE IS GOOD!

  21. Jenifer Vogt says:

    I’m a Thyroid Cancer Survivor. I was diagnosed in late-2007 and had my Thyroid Gland removed and follow-up radiation treatment in early-2008. Still adjusting to life without a Thyroid Gland, but doing much, much better!

  22. Trisha O'Neill says:

    Hi Joanna! Please add me to the list of survivors! I was diagnosed with Papillary Cell Carcinoma in April 2009, had TT with Radical Neck Dissection in May 2009, and one RAI treatment in August 2009. Just had my year follow-up and I am indeed healed!! I am grateful every day for my fabulous surgeon and endo, and my incredible support network. One year later, I am even beginning to thank Him for my scars, which I now view as personal life symbols of facing, fighting, and surviving. I still ask “Why me?”, but I am learning to say more often “Why NOT me?”, especially if my experiences can help others. My hope is that what I went through was not in vain, that the doctors will be able to glean insight from my poor little thyroid and lymph nodes (which are now housed in the tissue bank at my hospital’s research center!! Better there than in me, I guess!!), and that cures for every type and stage of thyroid cancer will be discovered, rendering this disease obsolete! What a day that will be!!

  23. Hi everyone–please check out this link for info on Dear Thyroid’s policies on religion, politics, and other allowed language: http://dearthyroid.org/about/faq/

    THANK YOU to all of you for participating in thyroid cancer awareness. EVERY VOICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!

  24. Shari Todd says:

    Another 10 year survivor here!

    Diagnosed with papillary (follicular variant) CA in April 2000. Had total TT and two courses of RAI a couple years apart. Since them, mostly clean scans with perfect lab numbers, and as an added bonus a successful pregnancy!

  25. jlitty says:

    i would love to be on your list. just had my thyroid removed two weeks ago. i had papillary cancer. now i have to go on the low iodine diet( dont know what i can eat). then the radiation treatment. i’m so sick. plus i have epilepsy and going through all this has caused alot of seizures. i feel so lonely at times. but i have to say it is a true blessing that i found this website. thankyou so much Dearthyroid !! your the best!!

  26. Corrie says:

    I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma on 6/10/10, had my thyroid removed 7/9/10, underwent RAI 9/7/10, and my WBS on 9/13/10 looked good, so I was told I wouldn’t need to come back for a year 🙂

  27. Theresa Budke says:

    I too had my Thyroid removed in May of 2009 due to Papillary Carcinoma. It had been a rough road living with Graves for several years before making the choice to have my Thyroid out.
    I am thankful I made that choice since upon removal, the cancer was found. I would love to be on your survior list as well.

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