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Comment Of The Day: August 4, 2010

Post Published: 04 August 2010
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Today could’ve gone either way until we posted “Oh, Dear Thyroid, Your Gland Can Be Grand Or…” We asked our thylicious community to write mini Dear Thyroid Letters, if you will. Let me tell you something, child, these letters PACKED A PUNCH like you wouldn’t believe. In fact, we’re turning each into a stand alone letter. The writing is so raw. I felt every sensation emanating from their hearts and minds channeled through their fingertips. I cried. I laughed. I got angry with everyone. Though, I am heartbroken; I am enlightened, more aware of what each person is enduring. So, that just made my day. We won’t be posting a comment of the day for that. Instead, we’re asking you if you would like to add your mini letter for us to publish as a standalone letter.

Standing ovation, my thyeeps.

Thank you. Never think that your words go unnoticed, unappreciated or unrecognized. Every single one is sacred just as you are.

Chronic Snarkopolist: ME TOO! When I’m Understood I’m Healed, Written by Melissa Travis.

Excerpt: “Maybe doctors and patients SHOULD be more to each other if there is to be TRUE HEALING.  And maybe wanting that – wanting the words “I love you” to be HEALING WORDS – AND NOT JUST for romance or throwaway – maybe that’s something I SHOULD feel proud of and not silly about. (No- I never told any doctors that I promise. But I have had a therapist say it TO ME – and it was the MOST RESTORATIVE AND HEALING BALM ON MY SOUL.)”

When I say ‘YOU NEED TO READ THIS’, I mean it – Melissa leaped through the screen and yanked us into her head to ensure that we understand what healing means – through friendship – doctor/patient relations, and so much more. This installation will take your wig off, make your toes curl and your gums itch – very, very, very powerful stuff.

Today’s comment…

Norma says:

I think that there isn’t one person who suffers from a chronic illness who doesn’t feel this way. And yes, I have those “sick friends”, “healthy friends” and “grey area friends”. I can’t begin to count the amount of times that I tell people that I feel ok because I am afraid to say how I really feel at the moment. I always feel like they think I am making it up for attention. I know that most of the people I work with won’t even ask me anymore how I am doing. It’s frustrating.

And the part about having someone, anyone, just say those 3 little words is so true. How nice it would be to hear that from someone. Even my family doesn’t say it anymore. I usually feel like I have just become a burden to them because I haven’t been able to drive for several years, plus medical bills outweigh the money coming in. So I have to live with my sister and she takes care of me more then I wish. Its hard to know that at this time in my life I had all these plans and dreams and none of them will probably ever come to fruition.

But what gets me through each day is to know that there are others out there who are going through something similar to me and they feel the same way as I do.


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