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Comment Of The Day: August 7, 2010

Post Published: 07 August 2010
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How was your week? I hope you’re having a great weekend. Some super exciting things coming to the front, HD is donating one of his beautiful water color paintings to August’s literary contest. Thank you, HD. We’ll be announcing the winner of the Butterflygraph contest by next week. Thank you to everyone for participating. Your all winners in my book. I was so proud of everyone’s entry; each was so unique and intrinsic to the author who penned it. Thank you.

Dear Thyroid was featured in Echelon Magazine. We’re so excited about this. The Echelon community is an LGBT community, doing incredible work for LGBT businesses. Their community is outstanding; made up of passionate, driven, incredible members. Thyroid diseases and thyroid cancers don’t discriminate. We’re all targets, regardless of orientation. We hope you’ll check it out and also get to know Echelon Magazine and support their good work.

Before we segue into comments of the day, which were fabulous and scary as all get out, let’s discuss a few things, shall we? Fabulous.

Are you aware of “Healing Arts“? This is a new Dear Thyroid endeavor. We are hoping that our community of artists will participate as well as sharing this opportunity with others. Healing Arts will feature artists work, a blurb about who they are and a link to their website on the “Healing Arts” landing page. Additionally, so we all have an opportunity to get to know these incredible artists, those who participate have offered to donate a piece to upcoming literary contests. How cool is that?!

Thyroid Mad Libs – This is such a festive contest. We sure do wish you would participate. We’ve had some fabulous entries. We’re counting on YOU to submit even more. We’re extending the contest, if need be. The winning team will EACH receive a $25 iTunes gift card.

Thyroid Cancer Survivorship Roll Call – Are you a thyroid cancer survivor? Do you know someone who is? In honor of thyroid cancer awareness month, Dear Thyroid wants to celebrate YOU.

Bringing Sexy out of the Thyloset: A Dear Thyroid Blog Tour – Again, in honor of thyroid cancer month, we are hosting a fabulous blog tour and very much want all of our thyroid cancer bloggers to dive in head first and participate. Please share this with friends, too. The more awareness we can spread for thyroid cancer, imagine how grand that would be?!  We are counting on you to get involved. Together, I know I always hock about this, we can truly achieve anything.

Thyrants And Thyraves With A Twist

If you haven’t added yours, please do! The twist: “You know us, we love to shake things up. We simply can’t help ourselves. Today, we thought we’d do something a bit different with Thyrants and Thyraves. Are your creative juices flowing? Good!”

Comment of the day…

Rebecca says:

1. I’ve taken charge of… MY HEALTH CARE

2. I feel lost… when all I want to do is lay in bed!

3. This week was worse than…any week I have ever had after many years of planning, someone had to throw a wrench in the works…par for the course I guess!

4. This week was so fantastic, NOT

5. I tried something… And… it backfired

6. I don’t want to be defined by my aches and pains.

7. I’ve tried these… 3 things to reinvent my myself a)moving on with my life from the past and got slapped in the face. b) Make my life better and had people say I can’t. c) Love my husband, and be loved back unconditionally!

Best Thyroid One Liners, Real Show Stoppers

I’m not kidding, YOU NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS; whether you simply read other community members stories or share your own, you have to read these one-liners. Here’s an excerpt of the crux of the post: “Because we’re mixing it up today, that’s just the way we roll, as you know, we thought it would be so much fun to write about the most hysterical, ignorant, lame ass, ?!, thyroid one-liners. For example, one of my FORMER endocrinologists said “What do you do, eat whole pies?” ”

Comment of the day…

Mollyh1978 says:

A friend of mine(not really anymore) asked me about the large bruises on my neck(after my thyroid biopsies) and I told her they were testing my thyroid even though I wanted to cry since I had just talked to my Dr. About results. She then said without hesitation, “I wish I had something wrong with my thyroid. That way I can get meds so I could loose weight!” I looked at her and said “Oh really? Well you may want to rethink what you want, because I have cancer.”

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