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Thyrants And Thyraves With A Twist

Post Published: 07 August 2010
Category: Thyrants and Thyraves
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You know us, we love to shake things up. We simply can’t help ourselves. Today, we thought we’d do something a bit different with Thyrants and Thyraves. Are your creative juices flowing? Good!

Below, please find a few questions for YOU to answer with a RAVE or a RANT

  1. I’ve taken charge of…
  2. I feel lost….
  3. This week was worse than…
  4. This week was so fantastic, I…
  5. I tried something… And…
  6. I don’t want to be defined by….
  7. I’ve tried these… 3 things to reinvent myself, but…

Please do NOT HESITATE to add more questions or simply rant and rave.

Ready? Set. Write!

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Reader Feedback

14 Responses to “Thyrants And Thyraves With A Twist”

  1. faith72 says:

    I’ve taken charge of the rudeness from with a friend of his that his being rude was not a good thing.

    I feel lost when I have a lot to do in one day along with being at the library to check my facebook and emails.

    This week was worse than most because my husband and myself actually notarized our separation papers thias week and I am confused and feeling like I’m on rollarcoaster of emotions. We have separed for a year or so because Welfare and other issues.

    This week was fanatasic because I got my thyroid letter published this week that I wrote as a comment.

    I tried something to keep my mind busy and I am trying not to fall asleep doing it.

    I don’t want to be defined by Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism because of the I look and act around people that care about me.

    I tried these clean house,get upset and support my ex-husband,Not used to saying that.3 things to reinvent myself is pray,read and keep busy.

  2. Rebecca says:

    1. I’ve taken charge of… MY HEALTH CARE
    2. I feel lost… when all I want to do is lay in bed!
    3. This week was worse than…any week I have ever had after many years of planning, someone had to throw a wrench in the works…par for the course I guess!
    4. This week was so fantastic, NOT
    5. I tried something… And… it backfired
    6. I don’t want to be defined by my aches and pains.
    7. I’ve tried these… 3 things to reinvent my myself a)moving on with my life from the past and got slapped in the face. b) Make my life better and had people say I can’t. c) Love my husband, and be loved back unconditionally!

  3. Anna says:

    1.I’ve taken charge of My health care so long to deaf eas!!

    2.I feel lost…. in this unending brain fog
    3.This week was worse than ..usual. Had it out with Dr, who pretty much said there was no hope- you will suffer the rest of your life..deal with it.
    4.This week was so fantastic- nothing fantastic happened this week other than ‘firing’ my MD!
    5.I tried something… And… and hopefull
    6.I don’t want to be defined by my physical limitations. jokes about getting OLD, being forgetful.. my symptoms do not define me, if you cannot look past them and feel like judging me its YOUR loss.

  4. pupmom59 says:

    1.I’ve taken charge of…my treatment plan.

    2.I feel lost…when someone feels sorry for me. I don`t want your pity but I would like your support.

    3.This week was worse than…a year ago but better than a month ago.

    4.This week was so fantastic, I…actually haven`t had a blinding headache!

    5.I tried something…new with what I eat. And…so far, so good!

    6.I don’t want to be defined by…my hypothyroidism. I have a hypothyroid, it does not have me!

    7.I’ve tried these 3 things to reinvent myself, (1)wrote a letter to Dear Thyroid and got it published. (2)started walking with my dogs again after not feeling well enough to do it for many months. (3)sat down and made a list of eveything to discuss with my doctor on my next visit. But…I know I have a long road ahead with many bumps along the way.

  5. Amanda says:

    1. I’ve taken charge of… >>My health care. I told my doc to “release me” from any more follow ups regarding my thyroid. That will be for my endo. My doc does want me to monitor my blood pressure since they didn’t write down bp at being of visit and again at end. I have white coat syndrome.. bp through the roof when I arrive at visit and normal when I leave. So I will do this on my own and report back to her.
    2. I feel lost… >> Only in my um err.. potty issues. They were along for fun for some of the week. I am pretty sure I brought it, but still… damn go away.
    3. This week was worse than… N/A
    4. This week was so fantastic, I… >> Not fantastic, just a good week all around. Good balance, positive vibes, and just me wanting to take care of the world again. That was nice.
    5. I tried something… And…>> Ok here is the “lost” thing… I tried caffeine and then some really nasty salty cheese crackers. That was really old me wanting to fill a void or feeling sorry because I couldn’t have these things. So I had them, and then they made me pay.
    6. I don’t want to be defined by… >> Don’t define me by what I have, want or need. Define me by who I am in my heart.
    7. I’ve tried these…3 >> Concentrating, getting through things that have been put off because I was sick, appreciating

  6. Hèlen says:

    1)I’ve taken charge of my search for help losing weight
    2)I feel lost when I have to sleep each day in the afternoon and I feel as if there isn’t enough oxygen in the air.
    3)This week was worse than I wished and the plans I had in mind
    4)This week was so fantastic, I had my first better sleep since two weeks of severe insomnia
    5)I tried something…(finding a research topics for a study) And it makes me aware even more of the things I can’t do
    6)I don’t want to be defined by my need to sleep and low energy levels.
    7)I’ve tried these… 3 things to reinvent myself a) taking a walk more often to feel fitter b) try to focus on small task I can do c) be good to the people I love, but I can’t help often feeling useless.

  7. Lou says:

    1. I’ve tried and tried to take charge of my issues with my family.
    2. I feel lost because the one person in the world that should be comforting when you’re sick doesn’t believe me because I didn’t get the Graves eyes, and if you can believe this crazy as it sounds , she has to be the sickest. MOTHER
    3.Because I spent time with my daughter and I feel we are getting closer after her grandmother has poisoned her in not supporting me.
    4. this week was worse than most because I had two close calls driving the car. And because my mother has a crack in the bone in her ankle and is making me feel quilty for not doing more….even though I just took them dinner last night.
    5. I tried something and it backfired. When I was wrongly accused of starting a fight with my mother when she was lieing to my dad, I stated to both of them…”why did you make that up?”
    6 I don’t want to be defined by my bad relationship with my parents.
    7. 3 things to reinvent myself would be to 1) stop caring what my parents think. 2) except that I have graves and it doesn’t matter who believes me Because “I KNOW”~!~ 3) surround myself with the most positive energy I can find. Thanks, Lou

    • Katie says:

      a wise counselor once told me. “she is your mother by birth only, you do not have to like her or see her if you do not want to.” My life changed dramatically when I stopped caring about what she thinks about me and adopted better mother figures into my life :0) good luck.

  8. HDinOregon says:

    Did a quick drawing of the “Thyroid Queen” … and I think it worked out alright. See: http://bit.ly/cKKwqv

    Actually it was a rather good week altogether. Brother-in-law was in town and we had a good time together. Can’t complain.


  9. Katie says:

    1.I’ve taken charge of…living my life to the fullest every day as I do not know when my last day on earth will be.
    2.I feel lost…when people look down upon me for my size (which is pretty dang good considering)not knowing the walk I walk everyday of my life.
    3.This week was worse than…next week, I hope :0)
    4.This week was so fantastic, I got my meds regulated again and my blood pressure is not plummeting and skyrocketing like the last few weeks…at least until the doctor screws me all up again at Mondays appointment. But I do not have to listen to him….ha ha
    5.I tried something…because I heard that Gluten free is related to thyroid problems And…I gained ten pounds in a week, went off, and had horrible diarrhea for the next two months…..hmmmm
    6.I don’t want to be defined by…being lazy….I am not lazy….I hurt and it takes me longer to recover than the normal person.
    7.I’ve tried these…low carb, massages, less stress 3 things to reinvent myself are education, being kind to myself, and living life to the fullest everyday, but…knowledgeable doctors are hard to find & embracing this disease as a gift for others keeps me humble. We can conquer this disease through education, experience, and lots of love together!!

  10. Lou says:

    thanks Katie , That sounds like good advice…Wish I’d done something long ago…..It just takes courage….me and the Lion…..

  11. Helen Grives says:

    @The wise counselor is right. What I’ve learned from my
    adoption is that a) you can call any person your mother
    B) bonding is family neutral c) there is always a person
    Who really cares or love you and most of all that positive energy bringing people leave imprinted treasures throughout your life.

    But for high sensitive people this is more difficult
    Because they see and feel like razor blades. And it helps
    To accept this as a gift. Life needs all kinds of people.

  12. Lou says:

    I am a HSP, Helen so you know about this study? I am intuitive as well. I do find I sense a space between a space where I learn things about people, sometimes that I do not want to know. 🙁 , sometimes it is scary….no it’s not a ghost~ it’s a sense like the others we have…along with smell, etc….
    I walked into a shop the other day I’ve only been once before and the two ladies working said” Oh WE remember you” {it is not paranod, } but I knew I had been “critiqued”. I remember last time I was in I was very hyper….well I made an impression for sure….they watched me rather than welcomes me….No I’m not talking about stealing….it’s a fabric store and yardage needs to be cut and anyway I am honist!
    But this is the sense I have, and I know I’m correct. I felt like saying something, I strolled around and then I left. I have been wondering if I should give them a lesson in thyroid disfunction and would they do the same ting if I’d been in a wheelchair?
    I do believe it is some kind of gift but when one is sick like with my Graves it is vry difficult.
    Same with family….I know too much~!
    I do have a husband you is very caring and loving….so I am blessed. He can’t tell me but I know! as I sense.

  13. jillautumn says:

    I’ve taken charge of my time. I have put my health first for once in the hopes I will be well enough to enjoy life again.

    I feel lost since my doctors do not agree on anything and I hope they can get their acts together and give my some straight answers or I may have to shop for a new doctor or three!

    This week was worse than the week before. The meds are making me feel worse but I hope something will be done to head me in the right direction.

    This week I had a good day where I was able to get a few things done that have been put on hold sincy Ive been sick and I was able to play some video games with my kids.

    I tried speaking up to my doctors to express my frustration and so farit hasn’t gotten me anywhere.

    I don’t want to be defined by how crazy my thyroid has made me appear or the disorders that I have but the educated mother of three whose voice deserves to be heard.

    I’ve tried these 3 things to reinvent myself (1) speaking my mind – nnormally passive I have shocled a few people, doctors included, and am trying to still determine how that will turn out for me (2) changing my diet – I have been gluten free since March and have seen big improvements in my digestion (3) look for information and support – I found Dear Thyroid and reading everyones thoughts & feelings have been a lifesaver, truly.

    I have a wonderful husband and three beautiful children who are all very supportive and underestanding. I can’t imagine going through this alone. I am a very lucky woman!

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