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Win A Beautiful Water Color Drawing: The Thyroid Queen, By HD

Post Published: 09 August 2010
Category: dear thyroid contests
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Thanks to HD, our resident comic, guest blogger, Dear Thyroid Author and PAINTER, we have a wonderful literary contest for August.

The details of the Dear Thyroid August Literary Contest, describe a piece of art that you would create in your mind, even if you aren’t an artist; just describe, in your own words, what it would look like and why it relates to your disease.

All entries must be submitted via email to inquiries@dearthyroid.org. The contest begins today. Submissions will be accepted from August 9th through August 16th. We are only accepting a dozen entries for this contest. Each Entry must be titled “My Image of My Disease”. The entries with the most votes will make it to the top 5. HD will choose the winning entry. We will post each entry M-F and make sure that everyone has plenty of time to get votes for their submission.

You can write a paragraph, a sentence, a letter, an essay, anything you wish!

*The drawing is without a frame. Paper size is 9″ x 11″.  It is a pen & ink drawing with watercolor washes.

Here is a link to view this SPECTACULAR piece of art.

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “Win A Beautiful Water Color Drawing: The Thyroid Queen, By HD”

  1. HDinOregon says:

    Darn, I am not allowed to enter, and somehow I do like that little drawing!

    But you can!! —

    So, – go write up your artistic vision! Let your imagination go wild and colorful, create, compose, paint with words, — traditional, abstract, minimalist, or baroque, — anything goes.

    Literarily paint your thyroid woes Picasso style, or Romanesque, or Rubens, Monet, Rockwell, or even cave men!

    Go send in your masterpieces, please.

    Looking forward to seeing what you came up with!


  2. Shan Kelly says:

    bejaysus So ye want me to make a picture of me thyroid problems.
    I think it would be a watercolour, as sometimes the symptoms are a bit hard to pin down. Maybe it would include a Venetian mask, as like a lot of Grave’s Gals, I suffer from skin eruptions. I might take Francis Bacon’s screaming Pope Innocent as an inspiration too, as he was an Irish guy who lived in London wrestling with a few demons. My pic would be a portrait, as those are what I like to draw and also because I think the weirdest, most horrible manifestation of my disease has been the strange, contorted facial expressions I’ve noticed in a few photos taken since I got diagnosed in 2oo7, and also sometimes, when I’ve looked in the mirror.
    How much personality change can be attributed to thyroid illness? Thankfully, I’m now on a really low dose of carbimazole and hoping to be in remission soon, so please keep your fingers crossed for me. My pic will also include two men dancing off into the distance Mony Python style, singing: “Always look on the bright side of life,”

  3. Dear Thyroid says:

    Shan – Is this your submission? It’s deliciously dark. Love it.

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