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Graves, So Cute, And My Hostess; Defiant Little Thing, ISN’T SHE?!

Post Published: 10 August 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Amanda,

I am writing to inquire as to what the hell, exactly is going on?  We were having such a grand time, wobbling and shaking.   I so enjoyed listening to your pounding heart and watching you melt away from the wonderful warmth I was creating.  What a party pooper you are.  And that little lady we went to see?  The one with that thick accent? WTF?   I could just feel your anxiety melting away, no matter how hard I tried to crank it up.  Why did she have to tell you stuff and explain the reasons behind my madness?  When she said Graves Disease, I knew I was in trouble. You had a name for what I was doing.

Just letting you know that whatever those little white things you are taking twice a day are making me slow my shit down. But, I am still here doing my job, and will be pulling a few tricks here and there… you know, when you screw up.  Like last week?  Oh man, you are too funny with your little “I can have a ½ cup of regular coffee, It won’t bother me just this once” and then later when the kids left that box of cheese crackers open and you decided to “try and see if they had gotten stale”.

So funny.

I took that window and flew with it. Remember?   She runs, she flies, to the ladies room, repeat, repeat.   And boom, boom, boom went the heart.  But, that only lasted one day.  Bring back the fun.  Let me go wild and free again, you know I still have it in me.

Love to you,

Your Thyroid

(Bio):  Amanda… who has just gotten the diagnosis of Graves Disease… one of the suckiest names for a disease ever.

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Reader Feedback

14 Responses to “Graves, So Cute, And My Hostess; Defiant Little Thing, ISN’T SHE?!

  1. Lori says:

    It IS a sucky name for a disease, isn’t it?

    • Amanda says:

      It is a sucky name. I looked up the reason why it is named on Wikipedia…. “Graves’ disease owes its name to the Irish doctor Robert James Graves, who described a case of goitre with exophthalmos in 1835”. Others had described this, but I guess he won the naming prize. When I have felt like telling anyone what I have, they always say “OMG, what is that”.


  2. Nicole Wells says:

    Amanda! I love that you actually wrote a letter from your thyroid TO YOU!! Great spin.

    Graves Disease is one of the least sexy names ever for a disease indeed.



  3. Linny says:

    Graves is a haunting name just like the illness. It haunts me where~ever I go. I never know when the ghost of the past the present or the future will show up.

    The worst part was when they said “NO CURE”!

    It always makes me think of the movie “The Pit and the Pendulum” In the ending when everything is getting fixed and they are leaving the room of horrors the person says, “No one will ever enter this room again” :
    THEN the camera flashes to the place where the woman got shoved into a wooden box with a tiny window with bars and all you see is ~~~ HER EYES!!!! haunting. .
    Yes I have it too, we can comfort one another…..xxxLinny

    • Amanda says:

      That “NO CURE” thing is a very hard one to get used to. What I wouldn’t give for just one day without that thought in my head. I fell lucky to have found Dear Thyroid. I can find comfort here, no matter how insane I get about this stuff.


  4. Linny says:

    The good news is it is possible to feel better. Studing as well as understanding whats happening has made a HUGH difference…..When I first found out I was so unaware of ANYTHING about it. As I learned it helped me cope and learn to talk to the people responsible for helping me get well. I can comfortably ask questions which Surprise and or fustrate DR’s (kinda fun when I know more than they do snicker here, they deserve it…we all should eat a little humble pie now and then…I know I have had several….PIES!
    Good Luck and don’t let the name scare you. YOU are in the Drivers seat, learn and journal what you feel and see. XXX LINNY

    • Amanda says:

      I do feel better, and the more I read and understand… the better I feel. It is sort of fun to ask a doc a question that blows their mind, did that last week. Hee.


  5. nicholle says:

    “Oh man, you are too funny with your little “I can have a ½ cup of regular coffee, It won’t bother me just this once” and then later when the kids left that box of cheese crackers open and you decided to “try and see if they had gotten stale”.”

    This is awesome.

    • Amanda says:

      It is awesome! I FELT SOOOO good. Instead of remembering why I felt good, I decided to do what I wanted. Maybe I will learn, maybe not. I really don’t like being “told what to do”, even when I am the one doing the telling.


  6. HDinOregon says:

    Great letter Amanda!

    So, did YOU write a letter back to your thyroid? … Looking forward to your answer.

    Hang in there babe!

    Thanks for posting your letter, well done!


  7. Lolly says:

    Great letter Amanda from your thyroid to you. as for name when you fiorts hear it you think you’ve got one foot in it especially with the palps sweating shakes and loss of weight.


    • Amanda says:

      Thank you! Exactly what I think of when I hear the name! There was a while there I was checking my life insurance policy to make sure it was paid up and ready to use. It really did a number on me mentally… and I am sure it will pop back around to make sure I am paying attention.


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