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Comment Of The Day: August 16, 2010

Post Published: 16 August 2010
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Write your hearts out, please. Participate in Literary Healings, Literary Contests and submitting Dear Thyroid Letters. I don’t care how long or short they are. What I care about is that you are writing to your disease or your doctor, or your medication or from your disease. Instead of talking about our diseases, when we write to our thyroids in some capacity, it’s OUR MOMENT to speak directly to the source, not about it. For those moments that we pen our letters or participate in literary healings and contests, we are connecting with our bodies on our terms and in our own words. So, keep those entries, comments and letters coming. don’t be shy. This is a say anything group (save religion and politics). We don’t censor language as you know.

And, another thing, Dear Thyroid Meet-ups. We need this offline support. Just reading about the experience others have had by meeting other Dear Thyroidians has been incredible. It’s as if we can exhale, even if it’s for an hour. What a relief to speak in shorthand about our diseases.

What did you learn about yourself today? What changed for you today? What new realizations did you arrive at today?

1800 Thyroid, How Can I…, written by HD, our resident comic and one of the most prolific Dear Thyroid writers. Today, he wrote a hilarious letter about memory… issues. If you missed it, please catch it. So funny.

Comment of the day…

Gina says:

i love this hd.. sometimes i feel like thats what she did to me and it hate the feeling. i feel abandoned and upset, even a bit used. i love this, great expression.



Thyme For Literary Healing: The Ultimate Cure For Thyroid Diseases and Thyroid Cancers – The fantasy cure, what would it look like, taste like and smell like? We posed a series of questions to find out what YOU think about the penultimate cure. We’ve had a few thylicious entries. Please don’t be shy. Share yours, too.

Comment of the day…

Linny says:

It would be like a pacemaker.

It would send messages that would correct the wiring.

It would be a chip , small and easy to insert. Like a filling in a tooth. Activited by our saliva. Would check and correct function.

This would change the world. People could be assured that the thyroid could be corrected at any age.

We eventually would move this on to find solutions for all automunine illnesses.

and live happily ever after….hopefully!

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