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Comments Of The Day: July 18, 2010

Post Published: 18 August 2010
Category: Comment of the Day
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Today’s pearl is about passion. What is your passion? How has your passion been affected or afflicted by your disease? How was the expression of your passion changed. So many of are artists. Those who don’t deem themselves ‘artists’, are. Your letters, rants, contest entries, poetry, and so much more are the embodiment of artistic expression.

How do you feel about that?

Thyroid, It’s Time For A Gland To Gland, loved this DEAR THYROID LETTER, written by Linda. If you haven’t read it, you must. Peppered in humor and irreverence about her conversation with her thyroid as it pertains to the function of her other glands.

Excerpt: “Last time you went out, the doctor reduced your pills, this time you went back and he changed it back! Would you please pick a nice steady date? I think he has forgotten all about you, since the last time you saw him. Maybe you should find a doc you like that will do you right instead of jerking you around like this!”

Comment of the day…

Lolly says:

Great Letter Linda looks like your thyroid is the popular one pulling the docs and getting all the attention.


The Floor Is Yours: Ask Each Dear Thyroid Team Member Anything You Wish “What would you like to know about Katie, Joanna, Melissa, Nicole, David or Tony? Anything goes – from disease to relationships, to favorite China patterns. The floor is yours, Dear Thyroid Community. You share so much of yourselves with us, that we wanted to ask you if you had questions about us.”

Comment of the day…

How could we possibly pick one?! Some are outrageous while others are informative. All are fabulous. We certainly hope that YOU will ask us anything you wish.

Chronic Snarkoploist: Alive – With Pink Blooms! Another brazenly beautiful installation from Melissa – and if you missed it, please catch it! Connect with her in comments. Share your thoughts with her. She’s, as always, bravely going where few chronic patients go. Great work.

Excerpt: “I don’t want to sound harsh- but single or abandoned sick women seems to be the NORM.  And men who get sick appear to have women rally around them.  IT IS NOT FAIR – BUT IT IS PART OF THE CHRONIC SICKNESS REALITY.  However, that is not to say that being a single woman is a life sentence.  The point is- even chronically ill men lose their friends.  One research article says that brain damaged patients will lose at least 80% of their friends within a year EVEN if they make a full recovery.  Another says that telling your friends you have cancer you can expect 50% of them to shut down and go away (emotionally, or physically).”

Comment of the day…

@chemo_babe says:

here’s what i am coming to believe:

our friends and loved ones suffer along with us if they are truly along the ride for the journey. it’s a hard and often thankless road for them. some check out, either by physically leaving us or just putting distance between us and themselves.

those friends who manage to ride the crazy rollercoasters of our illness — who are there for all the ups and downs — grow as human beings. they are more compassionate. their capacity for joy is deeper.

at least i hope that this is the reward. because i sometimes have a hard time keeping my heart open to all the suffering around me. i intend to, i strive to. i know i don’t always succeed. but my hope is that by allowing it in, by holding myself back from “othering” them through superstition or a false sense of superiority, i can better appreciate the good and the joyful.

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3 Responses to “Comments Of The Day: July 18, 2010”

  1. Anna says:

    It has affected me greatly in my passions and hobbies. I have barely been in my gardens this year, too tired and sore to dig. The depression that goes along with this also makes me uninterested in my other hobby/business of candle making and soap making. I have found when I make myself do things, I eventually re-find the joy in it.

  2. stranazingarella says:

    After my TT, I was left unable to sing. I used to do a lot of community theater and now that will no longer be possible. i

  3. Donna says:

    My passion has always been people. Helping people, whether they be strangers or those that I love and hold dear to my heart. For years it related to my work and my friends and family then my son came along and he became the main focus of my passion.

    It still is, I’m just not consistent anymore. I consider myself unreliable which is through no fault of my own, my disease is the problem. If someone reaches out to me I won’t not be there for them but I don’t actively look out for my friends like I used to. It sucks.

    I want to do it all but I realize that I can’t so I have let others pick up the pieces and it has actually been great for my son and husband. I see them growing closer every day and it is wonderful. A boy needs his dad and my husband is realizing he contributes to us in more ways than providing.

    My passion is still the same but what free time I have is now devoted to thyroid awareness and advocacy and that will never change regardless of my health.

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