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Thyrants And Thyraves, And A Few ThyQuestions

Post Published: 21 August 2010
Category: Thyrants and Thyraves
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Got any Thyrants or Thyraves for me today?

RFL:  this isn’t a rant or rave, just a wish, to not feel tired for a whole day! That would be bliss 🙂

MA 父 know how you feel.

GMT:  three weeks later I’m still suffering from the bronchitis and upper respiratory infection, I’ve had a migraine a day for a week, but I went to my endo today and one month and one week post op my levels are perfect and I’m ready for my RAI…so when I have my consult next week it will only be a matter of scheduling and that’s it. Oh and he decreased my calcium by 1000mg, which is also awesome, I’m only on 3000mg a day… all in all it was an okay day..

FCBS:  was told I have to have a special blood test looking for adrenal insufficiency…. bad enough my butterfly is a mess now possibly my jelly beans…ugggg

KS:  Knees and joints still hurting……still pressing my way. My goiter is getting larger still waiting for doctors to do something

MSB:  Thanks thyroid for stealing my libido, which was once the libido of a 21 yr old man. Thanks hubby for not “getting” it. Being groped nonstop will not magically bring it back!

RH: my weight is still standing still and I can’t fit into my horse riding boots errrrrr.


DP:  Eh-morning for me, my lovely thylicious ladies. I ended up forgetting to take my Synthroid this AM, and I’m such a stickler that I can’t take it any later than the time I usually do. So, I’m stuck thyless today.

NWW:  Eh morning for me too. I had eaten Gluten on Thursday. Had a bad day Friday. Finally starting to recover today.

FG:  I did a lot of walking around yesterday. I am now so tired and looking to being home and getting a kitten (female) black tonight. I’ll be happy.

HDH:  Good Morning from Oregon! — Can’t complain!

DD:  Any morning I open my eyes has to be a good morning 🙂 So far can’t complain…looks to be a good day!

NHP:  it’s OK

If you could say ANYTHING to your thyroid right now, what would it be?

DL:  likes this.

DAT: Come back, come back wherever you are!

DL:  I won! You lose thyroid! After 10 years of clean labs, FNA’s, I finally got you out! Just in time too, you almost took me down with a hidden cancer. I WIN YOU LOSE~!

AL:  Please wake up and take my fat away and give me back my energy!!!!

JB:  Please behave normally today. Thank you.

PR:  turn the heat down. Stop being so lazy, it’s my body too and I want to have control back…

FG:  I am tired of being so tired after long walks and trying to breathe you make difficult. I thank goodness Thyroid; we have who is willing to help me. I hope Joe stays at our home and so I can do what we need to get endo. By the way, thanks for my pimples all over me.

JAD:  ‎”Stop it!” — been feeling good lately, except for the sweats, even when I do some kind of light work.

KCJ:  are you hypo or hyper??? I am severe hypo and I am always cold, like last summer I wore Capri and long sleeve half the time. Lol but this past week I am soooo hot.

MCP:  I say to my thyroid: Thanks!… I was learning to live every day with you, with me, with us…..

JAD:  The doctor and specialist said I’m “borderline hyper”…yet I’m going for hot/cold scans next week to see if I’ll need a biopsy. It doesn’t help that it’s so hot outside as well. I’d rather be cold all the time, lol. Couldn’t imagine wearing long sleeves in this heat.

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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Thyrants And Thyraves, And A Few ThyQuestions”

  1. Linny says:

    It’s true our various ailments are unique to each of us
    In light of this I would suggest that one would never consider measuring anyone’s pain.
    There are some things that never should be compared or measured. LOVE, SORROW, SUFFERING, etc……
    It is true that these connected ~linked illnesses of ours have been understudied. But to compare them is pointless and unnecessary. They all need cures. We all need answers. Cancer is a horrible health risk. But so is Heart Attack, Stroke, HIV, to name but a few.
    None of us are getting out of here alive. Our days are numbered as we arrive. We are all seeking a quality of our lives to be enjoyed. We are ALL deserving~! Our illnesses as our stories complicate this effort. Let no one feel unintitied to pursue this same right.
    Whatever we are facing with Our various titles, Let medical,family , friends, PEOPLE not judge us or our disabilities as minor. But rather help us recover a life worth living and enjoying.
    Heartfelt , Linny

  2. Linny says:


    I wish I could forget some things, I carry around like bricks.

    If only I had a delete button, to push when I was done with it.

    I thought about some memory tricks,

    where I could erase some things,

    but I’d loose the things I’m fondest of when hypnotized to spring,

    of nightmares, tears and pain,

    oh could I ask for more?

    A box to check, the ones to bleep like mastered on the web.

    Oh what a joy, it’d be to me, to not remember these.

    by; Linda VanAltena Larson


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