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Comment Of The Day: August 29, 2010

Post Published: 29 August 2010
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This is a big week for Dear Thyroid, so stay tuned. Tomorrow we’re announcing a bit of dish that we’re super excited about and we begin posting entries for the THYROID QUEEN drawing by HD. We have room for two more entries, if you’d like to add yours. Submit today.

Triple Whammy or How to Cope with Multiple Cancers: Part V – Smell the Roses – by HD – HD has been writing an incredible ongoing series about coping with multiple cancers. To read parts I-IV, please log onto today’s post. This will be a 10 part series; and the wealth of information and support will leave you breathless. Please feel free to share it with others and connect with HD in comments.

Excerpt: “If you can, schedule a nice trip or outing before your radiation starts. There are usually several weeks of healing time after any surgery before you are being radiated (you see, open and healing wounds and radiation treatment really don’t go well together. You don’t want a healing wound bombarded with photon rays).”

Comment of the day…

AnnaMKyle says:

Thanks again! Your words are SO inspirational. Just the other day I was looking for some sort of humor for this situation. All I could think is that this is so screwed up that we have to laugh! Then again, this doc I’m seeing is enough of a joke by himself. LOL

Join An Offline Thyroid Support Group — Dear Thyroid has been doing meet-ups for a while now. We’ve just gravitated, thanks to Kerri Schwartz, into monthly support groups. Once a month it’s our time to get together with other thyroid patients and let it all hang out, and for additional support. We have dates scheduled from September through November. If your city isn’t listed or you want to participate, please contact Kerri.

In case you missed yesterday’s Thyroid Shouts, add your shout; good or bad, we want to hear what you have to say.

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