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Have I Wronged My Thyroid?

Post Published: 09 September 2010
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There’s a concept in optimal health that I find thrilling: Teshuvah. It’s loosely translated as returning to your True Self. Reflecting on ways in which we’ve missed the mark of serving our Highest Self, our Highest Purpose, our alignment or congruence with the quiet voice internally that knows the next right action.

Many of you know I’m a yoga teacher, and before I get swallowed whole by hyperbole, let me explain that I’m actually talking about deeply relevant issues such as your thyroid and adrenals, and how you nourish them. Can you inventory the ways over the past year that you’ve perhaps missed the mark and hurt your body and/or metabolism?

Another way to look at this is to ask: what if I were in charge of the Buddha’s thyroid? Or HHH The Dalai Lama? Gurumayi? Meryl Streep? Michelle Obama’s? Any enlightened being would do. Say you’re to provide the dosage of thyroid meds each morning – what would that look like? What would I prepare for him or her for dinner today? How would we eat? If I were in charge of the best exercise and stress management for optimal aging, what would I schedule today for the Enlightened One?

Me? If I were HHH’s thyroid boss, I would never miss a dose (BTW, I missed my Armour thyroid pill yesterday – can you tell?). I’d have HHH meditate while the Armour took it’s sweet time to absorb fully for 60 minutes before any food or drink. I’m pretty sure, when we eat together today, I’d chew more and even put my fork down between bites. Maybe even three deep breaths before eating. Can you imagine?

My morning now doesn’t resemble this idealized version Monday through Friday even remotely. Armour in, guzzle oolong tea, breakfast for the fam – check, lunches for the kids – check, nag kids to hurry up & brush their teeth – checkety check. Race out door, hustling kids, pulse and blood pressure rising in response to my kids’ slower and joyful movements, their “Buddha nature.” Oy. There’s so much that’s wrong with this picture.

For the next 10 days, here’s your homework: what is YOUR PART in the harm you’ve done to your body? Not the part contributed by your partner or boss or kids or parents but your part? What can you do differently with nourishing food mindfully eaten, with movement, with your connection to Higher Self? Are you devoting your full energy to your healing and optimal health?

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3 Responses to “Have I Wronged My Thyroid?”

  1. Wow! Do I just have to pinpoint my harm or actually try to change it because that is the hard part. Mine is my stress, anxiety and the fact that I can’t let go. My body started to “break” when my father died in hospice last December. Since then I’ve had the shingles, kidney infections and now I have been diagnosed with Graves.

    How do you let go? How do I say “No”? How do you say, “You be in charge and I’ll help”? Over the last month my doctor has had me go Gluten/Dairy/Wheat free due to food allergies I never knew I had. With that I have also tried to step back and not “Control” everything. It’s been a test of my patience and spirit but I am feeling better and I’ve lost 24lbs. In two weeks I will finally see an Endocrinologist and finally start treatment for my Graves. I am amazed at how much what we eat can affect our bodies. I know that is a weird statement to say but…wow!

  2. Shan Kelly says:

    Yes, I’m sure lots of my Graves was down to me. Stress is linked to many auotoimmune conditions like Graves. That is why cultivating mindfulness through practices like yoga and Pilates does really help. I’m on the lowest dose of carbimazole now and my eye symptoms have abated. Trying to get more yoga in and coffee out. Trying to be good. Thanks for pointing out that the little things do matter. 🙂 They all add up.
    So grateful that I’ve finished that coffeee pack, now I promise I willonly buy decaff. 🙂

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