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Acrostic Poem for Invisible Illness Week by, Keira

Post Published: 18 September 2010
Category: Acrostic Poetry in Honor Of Invisible Illness Week, Guest Bloggers
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I suffered 12 grueling, fucked up years

Never relentlessly questioning as I should

Voice coming at you flustered, hushed tones

Instead of

Screaming in your face


But, you and the others

Laughed and dismissed me until I questioned my own sanity

Except for one; and, for you, I am indebted

(Bio) Keira 35 – year old Hashimoto patient and thyroid cancer survivor

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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Acrostic Poem for Invisible Illness Week by, Keira”

  1. Justi says:

    Our stories sound crazy similar. I can relate to everything you wrote. Simply put when they told me, “…you have Hashimoto’s…oh and cancer…”, part of me felt relieved. Finally, I had an answer, and proof it wasn’t all in my head.


  2. Sarah says:

    Both sad & beautiful, Keira. Thank-you for sharing! XOXO Sarah

  3. KeiraVivian says:

    Justi, I felt the same way reading your story….I think we might have a lot to share with each other and hopefully, where we we overlap, will come healing. xoxoxo, Keira

    Sarah–Thank you…. xoxoxo

  4. HDinOregon says:

    What a brutally lovely poem, Keira!

  5. Lisa Stiers says:

    Boy do we have alot incommon, hashimotos the silent illness that is life changing and life altering, so beautiful and sad! That’s this disease that very few want to see or understand! Thanks for your thoughts and sharing with those of us who live and at times suffer with this disease! Take care Lisa

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