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Announcing the Winner of the Thyroid Queen Contest

Post Published: 19 September 2010
Category: dear thyroid contests
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“My Image of My Disease”

(thyroid disease)

I wait and wonder as the black hole in my neck sucks the energy from my life. It

takes time and joy away from my children. It steals the last bits of romance from my

already stale marriage. No one really knows what’s deep down in there, no matter

who’s science we use to scan my curious gland. Multiple nodules; some hot and

some cold. They squeeze my throat like an oh so gentle gag. Will it all go away with

surgery or will I have to fight it forever? No one can tell me. I have no answers for

now. It’s only a black hole.

Anna Kyle

THE WINNER IS…. Anna Kyle is my choice to receive the drawing “Thyroid Queen”

– I can see the colors and the moods she is painting. It is an abstract view. A dark, but not

entirely black, abstract picture, with a few bright and gleaming streaks in it; leading

somewhere mysterious, somewhere hopeful, somewhere peaceful.

– Yeah, those are the images I see when I read Anna Kyle’s verbal painting.  I like it very much.

Well done Anna!  Congratulations!

HD in Oregon

CONGRATULATIONS, ANNA! Please email us with your mailing/shipping address and we will send that to HD.

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Announcing the Winner of the Thyroid Queen Contest”

  1. Linny says:

    congratulations Anna !

  2. Anna says:

    THANK YOU! 🙂 It will be an honor to have such a beautiful piece of art in my home from you, HD. You inspire me to keep fighting each day and now I’ll have your Thyroid Queen to keep me fighting each day too.
    Thanks again!!!!

  3. Lolly says:

    Congratulations Anna well done hang it with pride, as you know I am, the model.

  4. Anna says:

    I will Lolly! 🙂 Thank you for giving HD such an inspirational muse.

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