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Comments of the Day: October 28, 2010

Post Published: 28 October 2010
Category: Comment of the Day
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Should Fatties Get a Room Even on TV, by Maura Kelly. Regarding the new show “Mike & Molly” on CBS, which I happen to think is fabulous, funny and smart, Maura has written what I regard as a highly offensive piece. This is just my opinion. I am, as you know, a DIE HARD proponent of Freedom of Speech. I’m going to speak out against this heinous article and I hope that you will, too.

Check out this excerpt:

So anyway, yes, I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other … because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room — just like I’d find it distressing if I saw a very drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroine addict slumping in a chair.”

SUCK BUTTER BALLS, YOU SNATCH PACKAGE. I don’t see you saying that you’d be ‘grossed’ out by two obscenely anorectic people kissing; not that I would agree with that, either. Though, you get my point, yes?

The most offensive of all…:

But … I think obesity is something that most people have a ton of control over. It’s something they can change, if only they put their minds to it.

YOU DON’T SAY?! I’M CURIOUS, HOW MANY THYROID PATIENTS DID YOU CONSULT BEFORE WRITING THIS MOST UNEDUCATED SENTENCE?Worse. Rather, insult to injury, say you’re not a thyroid patient, but you’re a foodaholic? Yes, there are food  addicts, bulimics and anorexics. They struggle with food and vomiting. The addiction is as ferocious as booze or drugs.

What do you think about Maura Kelly’s article?

Thank you, Rainn Carr for pointing me in the direction of this article and for speaking up in comments! BRAVO, WOMAN.

I Don’t Know What Happened To Us, Thyroid, But I Sure Am Curious Excerpt from Linny’s letter: “Whatever we have left, let’s try to do better. Let’s try to be happier and joke around more, like we used to. Hey, we are still here, aren’t we?  Did the RAI, take ALL of you?   I will continue to give you the boost you need and try to be more understanding. Will you try too?   Let’s work this out, OK?”

Comment of the day…

Amanda says:


Beautifully written letter.


What’s Your Over, today’s literary game. Using the word OVER, we want you to write an acrostic poem. If you haven’t done so already; jump in and write your hearts out.

Who You Callin’ Yeasty?, Excerpt: “Most women think that when yeast strikes, the result is an itchy vag. This is a misconception: turns out the problem is broader and deeper — typically your vaginal symptoms are spillover from yeast in your gut.”

Another stellar post by Dr. Gottfried about the thyroid – candida – yeast connection; check it out. This is a read you don’t want to miss. If you leave a comment or question for Dr. G; she’ll give you a shout back in comments.

Comment of the day…

Em says:

Maybe this is a silly question . . . or maybe I should just go research it before I ask it but you said that synthetic hormones affect the yeast in the body. So those of us on Synthroid or other synthetic thyroid hormone should probably keep an eye out? (I guess not so much a question as a clarification? Or something to turn off the alarm/paranoia bells going off in my head.)

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Comments of the Day: October 28, 2010”

  1. Rainy says:

    Thank you for posting the blog here about Maura. People really need to let her know how they feel and that garbage spewn like that will not be tolerated. The magazine should be held accountable.

  2. Amanda says:

    I had read the article in Marie Claire and found it incredibly offensive on so many levels. So offensive and uninformed. I haven’t been back to read her apology…but in my opinion… any apology would be too late. Even if I wasn’t “fat”, it would have been offensive. Who is she or ANYONE else to judge? It made me cry, I have had those single minded opinions shoved down my throat my entire life. Why is it anyone’s business what size I am? If I am taking care of my body or not? It is my body, I am not shoving it on anyone else. I have been on both end’s of the weight scale… heavy and too thin. Neither is what I wanted, but unbeknown to me? I didn’t have much say while Graves was in control.

    I could scream. It is no more appropriate than writing an article about being repulsed by someone’s physical handicap. How well would that go over? Ya.

  3. gina marie thomas says:

    in regards to the fat article, wow im pissed. i am so tired of people judging me for my size. i have people in my own family tellng me , oh you were so beautiful when you were slim or this ones my favorite, why cant you loose weight like you did after you had kaleb, cause you went back to being small after. well people its called being sick and i have no control over this monster body.. you think i like being huge, and not being able to walk and play with my son, oh wait i cant even tie my own shoes. i am a person who up until about 6 year ago would run daily and work out, what the heck you think i like this, or that its by choice? really are you that stupid? talk to my endo look at my weekly diet worksheet and my 3 month a1c hemoglobin tests and tell me i love eating and being huge, shut the ef up!!! ive probably got the best blood sugar which indicates a healthy diet by the way of a so called fat person. to be honest when i eat i usually only eat once a day to reflux issue and nausea, im eating the healthiest ive ever eaten so it must not be eating too much. thats the other pisser when people tell me to stop eatin so much, lol..my poor hubby hates that one he used to try explain that i dont eat much at all till i told him it doesnt matter, it hurts him when he sees how cruel people can be. hes been large i wouldnt say huge but a big boy most of his adult life and when we met 10 years ago i barely weighed in at 145 lbs until about six years ago, when my body started falling apart bit by bit and hes seen these changes and it kills him to hear the stuidity of others.he tells me it doesnt matter as long as im okay with who i am. im not but i do know that the outside is just a shell to who ive always been and will always be and thats just me. these rude people can say mean things and try to hurt me, but they will never change who i am and thats me…ladys put on that armour and lets get to it,cause this is a mean world we live in..

    • Amanda says:


      Great input! People just have no idea and don’t care. Thats what it boils down to. Thank you for sharing, I also know it ain’t easy being a big gal. And yes… ‘ef them.


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