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Just a Nice Little Coffee Klatch with my Thyroid

Post Published: 29 October 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Good Afternoon thyroid!  Hello!  Are you awake?

It is another one of those days; that the body is moving, but the brain is empty and the dropsies (my word) are hitting hard.

The doctor called the other day and upped the med, stating that it is not working, whereas 6 weeks ago, on the same dosage, it was over working.  So, the OLD body is once again in shock and not knowing as to what to do.

I have kept as busy as I could.  When someone needs food from the food pantry, I will hike up 3 miles, which I have to pace down to 20 minutes.  But, trust me folks, don’t do it when it is 99 degrees outside with the same amount of humidity!  You end up soaking wet! Or am I exhausted due to the fact that I am 60?

I am busy with the yard, OH, Yes!  I’m also helping my neighbor who is fighting cancer, with water aerobic in my pool.  So, maybe if I keep busy enough, my body and brain will start working together.

The pain has been the worst ever this summer.  But, I have to keep going, for if I stop, I am not sure if I will get up again.  Besides, the yard and house will not get done if I sit and have a self pity day!  Why should I feel sorry for myself, when there are others out there so much worse off than myself?

Have a doctor’s appointment next week, and I am so dreading it.  She’s upset that I am still overweight.  But, heck, my T4 doesn’t register, so what the heck. The TSH and T3 are low as well, but six weeks ago, they were over.  What is the next step?!

She doesn’t get that what she eats in two days is more than I eat in a week, to keep my weight down.  She listens, but she is not hearing what me.

I do apologize for not staying better in touch, but I really have kept busy, for if I stop the pain just takes control and the foggy brain stays empty.  So, off I go to work; hopefully I will be able to hold the pencil to draw little dragons and mice.


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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Just a Nice Little Coffee Klatch with my Thyroid”

  1. Amanda says:

    Great letter! Some days I have the energy of the Tasmanian devil, and others I am a bag of wet sand. There are intermittent bouts of pain, followed by extreme exhaustion. My weight has been rebounding from the massive loss I had with the onset of my Graves Disease, even though I am eating little… cut out gluten and trying to keep active.

    So I hear you completely. This stinks.


  2. Katie says:

    Ahhh…the glorious Hashimoto’s?? Do I know the ups and downs of Hashimoto’s. It is important for you to learn to regulate your body without medication. On high days, you can allow more carbs and exercise and on low days it is important to keep your carb count below thirty grams and limit your exercise to a good walk and stretching to keep the fibromyalgia from taking over. You will learn what each day feels like by your heart, mood, and energy. It is not easy to learn, but the increases of thyroid medication only makes it go more sporadic in my opinion. It serves its purpose at minimal doses to keep the attack of antibodies confused and the nodules at bay.
    This is the disease of mind, body and spirit….so balance is the key. I know that the highs and lows for you may be coming hourly, so I suggest low carb and 30 minutes of moderate exercise with stretching until the antibodies stop being fueled by the outside denominators. Good luck. I am a 16 year Hashimoto’s survivor and never thought I would say, now that my thyroid is in the dying stage instead of the roller coaster stage…I say let it die cuz’ I am feeling much better and it is easier to control. The treatment is in the antibodies….the thyroid is only the victim of the antibodies.

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