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ABSOLUTELY – Acrostic Poem written by Ria

Post Published: 05 November 2010
Category: Acrostic Poetry Using the Word ABSOLUTELY, Join The Discussion
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After excision
Before RAI
Silently coping
Only hoping.
Levothyroxine started,
Under suprresion guarded,
TSH kept low,
Exhaustingly hyper.
Life restarted?
Yes, wholehearted.


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One Response to “ABSOLUTELY – Acrostic Poem written by Ria”

  1. Linny says:

    Dear Ria,
    I sense you are at the beginning of the thy~road adventure. I know it is scarey. You are very fortunate to have found this very site to share. I will tell you many here can offer both support and guid~dance.
    Be aware of the medical ignorance. Many of use would do things differently if given the chance to study more and ask difficult questions. And questioning answers.
    I personally did the most traditional treatments early on. I listened as my health care providers directed me. I believed them. I do not say they lie, I do say many, (most) are misinformed.
    I am only qualified to say what did and did not work for me personally.
    After all traditional applied, I was desperate. I finally found help in the Holistic approach. Now I can only share this limited success because I will never know what might have been done if I had left my thyroid intact.
    I had radiation.
    Maybe this was the best choice, I just suggest study, ask, learn before a definitive process.
    My very best to you and your heartfelt poem. Excellent! xoxoxoxo Linny

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