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Acrostic Poetry Using the Word: ABSOLUTELY by Amanda

Post Published: 05 November 2010
Category: Acrostic Poetry Using the Word ABSOLUTELY, Join The Discussion
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A       affirmation of self

B       believing in me

S       sureness of abilities

O       offering of myself

L       living more

U       ultimate reflection

T       taking control

E       energized

L       loving with all my heart

Y       yes, this is what Graves gave to me

— it absolutely wanted to take away from who I am, but it only gave me more.

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3 Responses to “Acrostic Poetry Using the Word: ABSOLUTELY by Amanda”

  1. Linny says:

    I love your poem, having Graves also I do understand what you are saying. It has been a love / hate story. On the up side now as now many years have passed, I see many situations in my life to be blessed.
    Of course there is still a lot to be sad about. But I am wiser and have learned to fight to remain mostly positive. If I would mark a calender I would surely see I have more good days than bad. I have learned I must take care of my self first. I have learned that others who had been demanding of my energies are pouting and that is not my fault.
    I am learning to allow myself to relax. I am not a “sitter” so I taught myself to knit last winter and I am finding it to be very soothing.
    I am grateful for you and this site of support. Love, Linny

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you Linny. I think those “bad” days are so much easier to remember and dwell on. I try very hard to make a mental note at the end of the day about what was “good”. More often than not, it was generally good.

      I use knitting as my therapy. I learned when I was little, maybe 10 years old or so. Then I didn’t pick up needles until a couple years ago. I have relearned everything, and taught myself more. Nothing to challenging or intricate patterns. Just nice soothing “click” of the needles. I just finished my second pair of mittens, after telling myself for years that “I couldn’t”. Change that to “I can” and what do you know? I did it.

      Thank you for “your” support here also. It means the world to me.


  2. HDinOregon says:

    Beautiful poem, Amanda!


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