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Fat Thigh-roid Woes: Tip the Scales of Balance Out Your Window

Post Published: 12 November 2010
Category: Column, Fat Thigh Roid Woes, Graves Disease Symptoms Column
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Remember the first time you complained about gaining weight to someone, and they turned around and said “just eat in moderation”?

Even though I say it with a sick grin to others – every single time someone says it to me in all seriousness, it makes my fist search for a face to punch.

If everyone knew to eat in “moderation”, then why do so few of us actually do so?  Just one of the issues happens to be the word “moderation”.  Do you know what that means?  To me, moderation means a single cheeseburger, instead of a double-double from In n Out…therefore, it’s all relative.

Society, in general, doesn’t strive for moderation.  People view moderation as lacking in passion, especially in politics.  If I tell people “I’m in the middle” I get the “yeah, but where do you stand on THIS ISSUE???”  Can’t I be in the middle on this issue?

The real concern is…moderation is a direct connect-the-dots to the word and meaning of “balance”.

Mother Nature seeks balance, and many gurus or what have you blabber on and on about the benefits of balance, and shit, yin and yang are dualities that represent balance.

Disease is the manifestation of imbalance within our bodies over a period of time.  I’ve heard a holistic doc explain that our bodies are like cars – you can put shitty oil into your car, you can not take it in for maintenance and it will still drive and take you where you need to go.  However, after many years of crap care, your car will break down and be hauled off to the junk yard.

My question is, how do we seek balance (and therefore stay reasonably healthy) within a society that demands imbalance?

As many of you know, I just recently started a job and it makes me think of one of my fave movies of all time.  “Dumb and Dumber”….

Harry: I can’t believe we drove around all day, and there’s not a single job in this town. There is nothing, nada, zip!
Lloyd: Yeah! Unless you wanna work forty hours a week!

Cause really, WHO WANTS to work forty hours a week?  Would you if you didn’t have to?

I felt like the unemployment gave me some time to achieve balance, and now with this extra forty hours a week of work – I need to once more seek harmony and health within myself.  I feel off.  It still feels strange to have to get up and be somewhere all day, then come home and take care of the stuff I used to take care of at my own leisurely pace when I wasn’t working.  The pace my body and mind had determined to be healthy.

Now I’m back to the old schedule, and it should feel familiar because I’ve worked like this longer than I was unemployed…but it seems like a joke.  Like any minute I’ll be walking into a room and people will jump out and yell, “FOOLED YOU.  Ok, go back to waking up on your own schedule, and being your own boss.  Grab a danish on your way out.”

But this whole running errands on the weekends business is the bigger joke people.  If you work a full time job, do you really take your entire weekend to unwind and relax??  Most people I know are doing the things they didn’t have time to do over the week – clean, cook meals, run to the store, laundry, taking care of kids, etc.  I’m single, and I already feel like I have all these things I’m obligated to do…how does this happen??

I want to hire an intern to do my side work.  But that’s beside the point.

I’m very grateful for employment in these tough economic times, and I know I’ll eventually get adjusted – but in the meantime, I’m flustered.  I’m even panicking about this column.  On one hand, I don’t want to write for the sake of getting something on the page and have it be crap – and on the other hand, I feel like I don’t have time to write something amazing for you.  I’m one column away from attaching pix of puppies and kittens into the body of this column, so the time you spent reading this wasn’t all a loss.

I also need an intern to do my time management.

But ahh, Americans don’t get enough sleep, that’s how we get these things done.  Then we show up to work tired, defenses low, and someone brings in donuts for breakfast.  Then we’re powering through our day on coffee and crap.  Finally, we get home and make a quick meal, zone out and start life over again the next day.  The straight path to disease.

If I was the prez, I’d make sure everyone got a siesta at every single company in the US.  You know, it would be on that federal law shit in the lunch room at work, underneath the “how to report workplace harassment” section.  We’d all have European shopkeepers hours, and productivity would be better cause everyone would be HAPPY AND HEALTHY.

Who here has the full time grind, and how do you manage it?  I need some pointers.


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Reader Feedback

8 Responses to “Fat Thigh-roid Woes: Tip the Scales of Balance Out Your Window”

  1. You are speaking my language!!! I feel the way you do word for word and could have written the exact same post except that I’m not as creative in my writing style as you. 🙂 I was laid off back in June and after the initial period of “what the h*ll am I gonna do?” subsided, I too found balance, happiness and yes, even peace. I too had never really had time off since my working life began immediately after college. Now that I’m back to work full-time, (3-4 part-time jobs = full-time) my apartment is a wreck, I have zero energy, I have stopped exercising everyday, I’m not eating as healthy as before, I’m tired all the time (yes, I obviously have hypo as well) and I feel that balance I had gained is all but lost again. I’m right back to doing for everyone else and putting my needs (and hopes) on the back burner.
    I am anxious to hear the comments/advice you receive and THANK YOU so much for posting!
    P.S. The cute kitty photo is appreciated, but wasn’t needed to hold my attention 🙂

    • Nicole Wells says:

      Dear Stacy,

      Thank you so much!

      I’m happy you’re working after a lay off – that shit gets rough and anxiety kicks into high gear.

      Please take care of yourself and try to find some time for just YOU. We have to be extra careful when dealing with thyroid disease.

      Thanks for reading!



  2. Rosemary says:

    I LOVED your column today. Gonna checkout your others! I can sooo relate to the time thing. Full-time job, house, yard, animals, niece & nephew i am devoted to, my friends, bills, errands, side gig selling Arbonne (www.myrosey.myarbonne.com)and having battled hypo for 23 years – i can sooo relate to the weight fluctuations for years. I am trying to eat healthier and am watching the chemicals i use on my skin and in my house…and of course, taking sythroid plus meds for ADD…anyone know if a study has ever been done on the # of hypo people with ADD?

    • Nicole Wells says:

      Dear Rosemary,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      I haven’t heard of a study done about hypo and ADD…but then again, I’m not hypo so I haven’t researched it myself. I will look around and let you know if I find anything.

      So happy you’re taking an active role with your health, good for you!

      Please take care,


  3. Regina says:

    I can sooo relate. Thanks for writing. I have never been able to find the soooo needed balance. It everything for everyone else first and I end up last.. and sick.. and unhappy.

    • Nicole Wells says:

      Dear Regina,

      I wrote a column awhile back about the need to be selfish while sick – and not using the word “selfish” in any sort of negative way.

      If you don’t have time to nurture yourself, how can you extend help to others?

      We all need to recharge so we can give back to our family, friends, the world…

      Thank you for reading, and I hope you find a day just devoted to you!



  4. Amanda says:

    I work 1 full time, plus 1 part time job. 1 Husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, helping out my unruly elderly mother and my sweet father. You can do it. The more you plan ahead, the better things will be for you. 1/2 hour a week spent planning meals, outfits, errands will eliminate so much stress. Set a reminder somewhere and just start planning.

    Say no to doughnuts, ick. I will share a nice breakfast bar recipe with you.


    • Nicole Wells says:

      Dear Amanda,

      Clearly, you’re some kind of superhero. I admire you and your time management skills, especially juggling all of this while dealing with Graves.




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