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Thyroid THANKS Giving

Post Published: 25 November 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid, Join The Discussion, Thyroid Thanksgiving
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I don’t normally, not ever, really, speak on others behalf. I know that I can safely speak for the entire Dear Thyroid team when I say, that we are THANKFUL FOR YOU.

Every day, you bring your A-thyroid game. Your willingness to give so much of yourselves through letters, comments, acrostic poetry, literary games, thyroid discussions, and more. You astound us with your literary prowess. You surprise us with your sage words. You take our breath away when you reach out to someone with a missive and say “I’ve walked your mile, and you aren’t alone.” or “Even though I haven’t walked your exact mile, I FEEL you.”

You are gifts, treasures, rare gems.

Thank you for being in our lives. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope that you have a beautiful holiday. If not, we hope that you are spending the day knowing that you are appreciated.

Lots of love and gratitude,

The Dear Thyroid Team/Katie

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Reader Feedback

8 Responses to “Thyroid THANKS Giving”

  1. Robert says:

    DearThyroid posse….

    ….mi casa su casa.


  2. Dear Thyroid says:

    HA. LOVE THAT. Robert, a la ‘my thyroid is your thyroid’?

    Happy T-Give babycakes.


  3. Linny says:

    The holidays are here and that makes things really hard. Some of us have gotten to be quite alone. The gathering of family is harder now. Like when there is a death in the family.
    The world turns away as we change into this new being. Trying our best to make the most of our lives. As we have the time now we have new ways to keep busy. Some of us find that we have talents we didn’t know we had. All of us have a new understanding of ourselves. We can choose to embrace ourselves and give ourselves time to feel better. What are you doing to feel useful and better? Have you found a way to enjoy your days? Do you have a dear pet who you find a great comfort?
    Last winter I taught myself to knit. It was a nice way to relax. The warmth of the yarn was comforting in my lap. The pretty colors to choose from made it interesting. As I did this simple long nothing, I found useful ways to use these long scarf ish samples. While I am always so cold, in bed I can put one down by my feet. Another I made into a circle and can be a warm collar around my neck. It feels good to have this extra layer around my neck. I can wear it whenever I need that extra something. When I have a cold I can cover my mouth easily, I can even put it on like a headband to warm or comfort a headache or my eyes.
    What things have you discovered can bring you a little comfort? Are you writing a journal? Do you scrapbook?
    Do you sew? Or needlework?
    I have a friend who watches old TV shows. Lucy or Andy of Mayberry have whole packages of all the old favorites. Those of you that are younger might enjoy some of these oldies. These stories are dear and caring. They have a way of making us feel better.
    It could be a good time for you to start adding to our comments. I remember sitting on the other side reading and knowing I could find stories like my own here on this site. It was hard at first but now I feel apart of something. I can share and some have touched me so by telling me they have found comfort in my writing. That means so very much!
    I hope you find some joy these holidays of ours, yours, and theirs…..remember you are not alone. Lovingly, Linny

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Linny,
      I just wanted to take a moment to share. In the past 4 years I have taken up nature photography. I find the photos incredibly serene. I post a lot of them on FaceBook to try and share with family and friends. The twist on this is the fact that I am not entirely able to go out into nature to take these photos so I take all my photos through my windows that face a pond. That is me trying to make something out of nothing : )
      Lisa B.

  4. Amanda says:

    Great words Dear Thryoid Team & Katie. This time of year can be pretty rough. Adding in my year of “discovering what a thyroid is and Graves Disease”… well I am a bit more fragile than before. That just means I have to be tougher and push myself harder to find good. Thank you for Dear Thyroid, it has been a true blessing to me.


  5. Linny says:

    I think sometimes we need a break from all the talk of medicines and blood work…..maybe for awhile we could just talk straight from the heart. About the feelings and everything else we need to get off our chest. Or share some of the good stories that come along, and they do you know.
    Not all of us have the people who rescue us from ourselves. I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE ALONE, AND YOU ARE WANTING…..AS WE’VE BEEN SAYING LATELY….LIKE MYSELF, SOMETHING……..MORE~!

  6. Linny says:

    Lisa, So kind of you to share this concept with all of us. Yes, I can see how powerful the beauty of senene can be. Pictures are worth a thousand words as they say…..I do not have a facebook, but I wish I could see your photos. I think this idea is enchanting……
    The new story out “Tangles”, interests me…..thinking about the princess Rapunzel. She was in her tower for so long too.
    Great story what an inventive idea~! Love it,
    Lovingly, Linny

  7. unearthingem says:

    I absolutely adore each and every one of you. Thanks for being the supportive, wonderful, ass-kicking people you are.

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