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Will You Hear Me Today

Post Published: 03 December 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Just sitting here minding my own business
In the doctor’s waiting room
Wondering what type of visit this one will be….
Will you hear me today?

Will the doctor listen to my pleas of help
For some type of change
Or just blow me off while going from patient to patient
Will I have to raise my voice and declare,
“There has got to be a different way to feel better
Than just to merely exist as days go by!”
Will you hear me today?

My positive attitude can only do so much.
This is just a profession to you
But to me, it’s so much more
It’s my life!
Please hear me today!


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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Will You Hear Me Today”

  1. Amanda says:


    I hope the doc “heard” you. Until I found out I had Graves, and found this wonderful community… I never dreamed that a doctor wouldn’t listen. Sadly, with thyroid issues, it seems to be the norm.

    Merely existing is not OK. We must live.


  2. amy says:

    I also hope that you have been heard. If we merely exist change does not happen and then we do not get well. We have to do more than merely exist! I know what you mean about the positive attitude. I try so darn hard but sometimes(unfortunately) I do not win. Blessings to you-Amy

  3. ldready says:

    i really thought that i just got a crappy endo, but i find it so crazy that thats the norm with these doctors. I remember thinking the same thing, like i get this is just your job, but this is my life. i hope they listen soon.

  4. Lolly says:


    I hope you too got heard each time I went for my appointment I went in with a positive attitude only to come out and feel like I wanna go strangle that son of a bitch who has control over my life. I couldn’t carry on trying and failing miserable so we parted company not without me having my say first and slamming his door behind me best feeling in the world. but now I am back to square one and my will to fight gone, all because No one will listen and Endocriminologists because yes that is just what they are it’s criminal how they actually treat us or lack of treatment are a breed of there own.

    I wish I could find a good one but I have now stopped looking and resigned myself to the fact that is is how my life is going to be like until they change the sytem here in the UK.

    Good luck I do hope you are heard and listenind too and can work with your Doctor becassue that is really waht it is about not just numbers on a paper or symptoms that donlt coincide but actaully taking time to listen to your patient and working with them as an indvidual.
    Don’t lose heart keep fighting i will one day but for now I don’t have the energy but when I do be sure I will be making yself heard one way or another.


  5. While I was sitting there waiting for my appointment I wondered how many of us had that thought cross their mind? I have met some really down right awful Endos. The last one I went to was all about the numbers and I was at my worst. When I finally got health coverage again I could go back to my endo that saved my life. Low and behold when I got back to her she felt my neck, looked at me & said Lisa you don’t look like your numbers. Sure enough, few months & tests later I ended back up in surgery for my 2nd thyroidectomy! Seems as if a couple residual pieces kicked in on me.
    Much love to all of you!

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