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A Thyroid Fairy, A Surgeon and a Patient Walk into an Operating Room

Post Published: 07 December 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid,

My apologies, I gave you not a thought for more than 50 years.  Until you began protruding from my neck, I took you for granted.  When we finally were introduced, they used the dreaded  “C” word. Oh, that was a scary day, indeed.  But alas, person after person told me how lucky I was, that if I had to have cancer, you were the best one to handle it, and so my confidence went undaunted.  (I have since checked those people out, funny they have no scars on their neck). As I awaited the inconvenience of a surgery, I likened this to having my wisdom teeth extracted, after all you are both in my head.  So it was imagined, a bunch of doctors  take us into an operating room, do their thing, “poof” the Thyroid Fairy appears (distant cousin of the Tooth Fairy), she “pings” me with her magic wand – and I live happily ever.

Wrong!  My dear Thyroid, I think that the Thyroid Fairy was snorting  the nitrous oxide  and forgot to “ping” me because other than a warm fuzzy tingling in my fingers, (silly me thought it was just an after shock from her magic wand), this is apparently far from over.  If one more person tells me  how lucky I am, I think I might just scream, I take that back, I can no longer scream without you, talk loudly yes, but talking loudly just does not have the same impact.

So where do we go from here, dear Thyroid?  Next week we are assessed for radiation treatment.  Cannot wait to find out what that’s all about – apparently we drink it and stay away from all living things for a few days – yes, you heard that right – we stay away from all other living things – but yet they expect us  to drink it!  I am not sure how you feel about it – but Thyroid my dear – I am scared shitless – well, of course, that is just a figure of speech – ‘cause we both know with all this calcium we are taking – we are far from shitless.

Thinking of you often and I am sure that you will be hearing from me again when this “radiation thingy” starts.

Best regards,


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Reader Feedback

11 Responses to “A Thyroid Fairy, A Surgeon and a Patient Walk into an Operating Room”

  1. Linny says:

    Dear Bonnie, Your story is so well expressed. Thank you for sharing! I am also 50 something….with Graves. I had the “pill”! Can’t call it a thrill! It’s been eight years since I had it. I hope you get what you need to feel better. Lovingly, Linny

  2. Nina says:

    Hi Bonnie – I too had the dreaded C word and thankfully had it chopped out with my throid, a fairy would have ben nicer than the 4.5 hrs I had on the operating table. However here I am 11 months later and my scar has subsided, my meetings with my consultant are now back to every 6 months and I am beginning to feel a little more like the old me. OK quite a bit more cuddlier than I was before, but fingers crossed cancerless. I always thought luck was winning the lottery, and yes I could have hit (eaiser than tryng to scream after the op!!) each and every person that told me how lucky I was. Maybe I havent won the lottery and maybe my journey hasnt been the best, and certainly isnt over, but I am here spending more time with my fabulous husband, family and friends. So maybe, just maybe I was lucky and did win the lottery in my own little way.

    Hugs from a fellow slashed neck! Nina xx

  3. Amanda says:

    Great letter. I understand your fears and frustration. Thank you for writing it out and sharing with us.

    Be well,

  4. Deri says:

    You have kept many of us amused and stronger for having come across your writings, with your positive and candid outlook on the challenges you are facing.

    Good luck and thank you for sharing…

  5. Mary says:

    Good letter and I too know your fear. When I took their flavored drink 35yrs ago and got to go home and expose my animals and most likely sterilized my fella. RAI is their treatment don’t fear that. I will keep you in my thoughts and am sending lots of light and energy to help you get thru this. Hugs Mary

  6. Weemah says:

    this is a great letter. you said it well.
    I too am in my 50’s, had Graves, and then the C-word.
    I know it is hard.but we are all here. those of us who know well. and are lifting you up.

  7. Suzanne says:

    Bonnie, this sounds familiar! I find out this Friday if I have to swallow the “magic pill”. I had 2 trips to the OR, cancer likes to play hide and seek? Good luck to you! And… none of us are lucky to have cancer .

  8. Monica says:

    Bonnie, love how you write and express yourself! So sorry you have to go through this experience, but as you probably are aware you are not alone.

    “I am not sure how you feel about it – but Thyroid my dear – I am scared shitless – well, of course, that is just a figure of speech – ‘cause we both know with all this calcium we are taking – we are far from shitless” is one of the best lines I’ve heard. Don’t take it wrong but it made me laugh when reading that.

    Stay strong and well.

    ☮ ♥

  9. Dear Bonnie,
    I hear ya and I feel ya. I too had the goiter as well as the “best” type of cancer, 2 thyroidectomies and almost near 50 years of age myself. Whew what a ride it has been and the stories we have to share. I am sending you much strength to get you through.

  10. Lolly says:


    Great letter I did’t have cancer even though it wasn’t conclusive after tests hense the thyroidectomy had the surgery and the tingling and the I can’t shout or even sing that did get better with time, I hope yours will too did they remove the parathyroid glands or damage them?

    I hope that your treatment goes well and here’s to being free from cancer, no cancer is nice to have even if they think it’s the best one to get maybe those that say it wouldnlt think the same if they actually had it they’d be scared shitless too.


  11. Hannah says:

    Each letter I read helps me cope. Each name I see tells me I am not alone. Each person who writes shares a part of themselves with all of us. Thank you for sharing and giving each of us some of yourself.
    My thoughts are with you.

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