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Post Published: 20 December 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Oh Dear Pharmacist:

As I reach out to those who share our common bond, I think how much more we need to do.

Yesterday, it was the pharmacy….OH sigh another misfit.

You would think we are buying logs for the fire!

Our kiss of life on the shelf locked to meet with our hungry needs; caught up between the “business as usual” attitude and our own thoughts of “shut up lady and give me my life back!”

What more must we endure?   How much more can we take as they dandle the piece of cheese over our heads? What could “they” know?  These mindless, often, individuals who can be standoffish and rude; are they cutting back on the trained professionals who understand the importance of our med’s? Do they think of this job as “power” over some need they have in themselves to hold on to a key?

Well “they” made a mistake yesterday; now requiring 3 trips back. So unnecessary. Rattling on about the things in “their” job that make it so hard….Forgive me but!  Give me a break!

Do we really need to hear the reasons why and the excuses to make for being incompetent?

After all was said, funny thing, ha,” your order was here all along, I don’t know why it wasn’t on ready fill!”

“Oh silly us, here it is ,we will have it in 3 hours……!

[{give me a f—- break} the bottles on the shelf~ it takes 3 hours to count and sell it to me!]

……moments later on the phone I continue without losing my cool {metal worthy}…

Now I dare say will I have this trouble again next month?

Oh my, this was not the right question for this individual, I clearly pushed “her buttons”  I continued bravely. Long as I’m out there, I add, and what about when I plan to be gone on Vacation, I will need to pick up early?

Daggers and complete japer ~as she is unable to guide me in any direction except something about, there may be others ahead of you. And well your insurance company may not allow this early extraction?

OMG what tolerance must we have?

Well later when we went back to pick up this necessary pill(s) Finding the pharmacy closes early on Saturdays……CLOSED [at the drive up window]

I went inside to talk to the manager.   Who had left, and I started my platform to a woman who thought she could witness for him?

I went into the whole deal about how human error is certainly understood, however for us who are seriously ill this mistake of theirs can be dangerous and every conceivable effort should be made to prevent this from happening. To add to this, insulting the customer without even an attempt of apology is unacceptable. To talk about things and excuses unproductive to solving the customers need for a pill which could very well be life or death, hearing about the “office issues” is to be totally frank RUDE!

OMG, I think I was talking to the same woman that I had talked to on the phone earlier in the day, who may have also added “remember we close early tonight”, she began again all the office junk and more excuses…..

I left, now exhausted, now not hungry for the dinner out I was to have enjoyed{?} with my husband.


Falling apart came ….. as I fell asleep to wake again at 3 and take an emergency xanax…I wondered what I could do to avoid this unnecessary fall-back. My kind husband brings me coffee and go off to pick up the “pill”.

I am behind. It is the time of year for those of us who are Christians to be very busy. I have much to do before this afternoon but I am taking time to get this down and add it to the list of things that are broken.

I am all to aware that my story gets repeated everywhere all to often and needs to be fixed.

Maybe a couple of presents will have to go without bows, but I will get this off my chest so I can feel I did “something” to fix it and make it better.

STOP BEING STUPID WORLD!    Get out the care button; sign your name to your work. Do what has to be done to be accountable.  How much are you a human “being”!

If you make a mistake, Ok , say you’re sorry and fix it.  Easy as that. We have learned well enough to be patient and the patient.

Lovingly for those of us who need to battle stupid…….Linny

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Big PHARMASTAKE, HUGE”

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh Linny…
    I hear you. There seems to be a serious lack of common courtesy and compassion out there. Everyone is in more of a hurry than “us”, everyone’s issues are more important than “ours”, and everyone else’s excuses are valid and true. I give in so often to this, as I avoid conflict and tend to be a peacekeeper. There will be a “snap” for me coming soon.

    Just know I am here and I give a damn.



  2. Linny says:

    Thanks Amanda, I have snapped. I never would have stood up for myself before. But I have made a decision to stand up for myself. I have always been one to avoid such confrontations. I am trying to be who I am at the same time, ladylike, believe me I never even swear. I salted it above because I need to try a little shock myself. Trust me, if someone I know would hear “me” swear I would have QIUCK attention. No one would expect it. It just isn’t me.
    But I am tried of looking like a victim.
    In a moment of private council my coach said to me, “L. if you don’t sharpen your fingernails “they” are going to run you down.
    Well I have let a lot of people do this to me.
    I can’t allow this to happen anymore.
    I was so gullible, so trusting…..but I have to change, and I have been changing and some have not liked me this way, wonder why, I even let a few “friends ” go because they didn’t show me the respect I should have. Imagine, I had a friend who after my daughters wedding told me, she thought I should have worn a different hairstyle! I thought, who says this ? Why would she and what makes her the judge of me? ( oddly it was her husband who told me I looked beautiful for my daughter)
    People are mean. More now then before. I would never say something to deliberately hurt someone.
    I am now less trusting. I have to protect myself. I am aware I am too senitive, but I just am. I am an Artist and we usually are.
    I hope I can get enough backbone in me to stand up for whats right. I’m trying, and if I don’t keep these feelings bottled inside, well maybe that is one less thing that will add to my illness.
    Love you Amanda, I understand you, truely. Linny

  3. Den says:

    Oh I totally know how you feel but my pharmacy actually post out to me and having missed something they should have sent out (I must admit I did rant and rave and give the girl on the phone a hard time) didn’t then charge me the extra for the second parcel, so no dramas as they say here in Oz. I don’t drive….yes yes how do I manage? I had no need to drive in the UK and now here am too wound up to even consider it yet as between my thyroid packing in and my adrenals shortly behind I have nothing left to cope with sitting a driving test so am very very grateful that in one of the few pharmacies in Perth who actually dispense compounded Armour that they have a post office in their shop and so very easy for them to post me it at a small postage charge.

    I decided upon moving to Oz that I was going to be honest to people and stand up for what I believed in as life was way too short and I was way too ill to not – not an easy task but YOU GO GIRL!

  4. Linny says:

    Dear Den,
    It is so kind of you to offer your support. I believe the voices we have are more powerful than we know.
    However I remember when it just took so much energy just to talk. I recall thinking of some things I would add to conversations if I just had the strength. One knows its a different kind of tired if we can’t feel we can talk.
    But when we do, and if we can, we should join together and be heard. It doesn’t have to be rude (although many deserve it) but just saying enough, enough of this nonsense.
    Humanity is not going forward, its going backward. Like a man I know who talks back at himself. I mean to say he sucks his words in when he speaks. Can’t even make out what he’s saying; as if it doesn’t matter….no one else might be in his world, I can’t truely know.
    But I do know we have a right to be here sick or not. We are paying customers. These are service jobs. If service is poor the customer must be prepared to say.
    I have a book that gives wonderful lessons on speaking to difficult people. It’s title “Nasty people”, how to deal with them without becoming one of them.
    I thank you for your sharing, Linny

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