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Dream A Little Thyroid Cancer Dream

Post Published: 13 January 2011
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid,

Where did we go wrong? I am sorry I didn’t pay much attention to you for 24 years. I am sorry I didnt know what you were in my own body or what you did for my body. Yes I am sorry!

But what you did was very wrong.

You joined forces with the enemy….CANCER. After you left my body I knew I needed you. I guess I didnt know what I had til you were gone. I know now. Its been 3 years dealing with you gone. Everyday of those 3 years has been torture. I had a wonderful life for 24 years and now i feel like im 100 years old. I used to be very confident and now i feel ugly.

My hair falls out, its dull, and I cant do anything with it. I look like I aged 10 years and all I think about is sleeping. I am no fun without you….

I miss you.

What I would do to have you back….

I would do anything. I am sad, mad, unhappy, upset, and sometimes depressed. Never was I like this when you were around. This shit is annoying…and I am tired of it.

So, THYROID….enough is ENOUGH!! Its a new year. I am going to deal with you out of my life and live it up. I will never miss you again. I will not let you do what you did to me for the past 3 years. I am in control now.

I hope you rot with your f’n friend Cancer!! GOODBYE!!!

Vanessa-Thyroidless and loving it….now

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Dream A Little Thyroid Cancer Dream”

  1. Amanda says:


    Great letter. It is so hard to take control back after being hit with any type of thyroid disease, but YOU CAN DO IT! Thank you for writing out this wonderful letter, we are routing for you!


  2. Bev says:

    It has been 3 years for me also, pure hell! Hair is horrible, I am angry most of the time…depressed all of the time! I can’t figure out how to fight it!

  3. Weemah says:

    Wonderful Letter Vanessa.

  4. Vanessa, THANK YOU for sharing this. I really felt like I was reading my own story. Thank you for the encouragement. YES, WE CAN TAKE CONTROL OF OUR OWN LIVES!

  5. That’s right Vanessa, you take control and live your life! I am post-cancer thyroid-less as well and am finding that it is important for me to try and re-invent myself and let go of trying to hold on to what I once was, which I really do miss so very much.
    Venting will help you along your way : )

  6. Vanessa says:

    thank you everyone for reading my letter and for the support. Felt nice to vent a little bit. 🙂

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