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Weight, Doctor! I Need Some Bloody Warmth

Post Published: 26 January 2011
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid

What does a person need to do, to be able to get the result of their blood work from their doctor and not from a nurse who will not give you the levels!  Heck she didn’t even know where to look it up.

OK!  So the thyroid still isn’t working after a year and a half with this doctor.  The nurse stated that if I want answers to my question, I have to make an appointment to see the doctor that she doesn’t talk to the patients unless they are in the office!  WHAT!  It took you a week to get the results that are done in your office, and now I have to make an appointment to ask questions!

OK, Thyroid, what lesson are you trying to get me to teach this time.  The nurse stated that you are still not working, but the T levels are OK!  Am I supposed to believe this?  How can I have an underactive thyroid with OK T levels; that just does not make any sense?

For the first time, I am frustrated.  I cry at a drop of a pin, tore into my wonderful husband without cause.  Well, he did scare me, by passing out and being rushed to the hospital.  But, still, I didn’t need to tear into him on a stupid request.  I am wearing 3 pairs of socks on the toes, because they are freezing. My finger tips are finally warmed up due to the fact I did 4 miles on the treadmill on an incline to burn calories that don’t seem to burn this weight.

I can’t cry, because nothing gets done when I do that, so I took down the holiday village and put the tubs up in the attic without any help, so that was another way to work on the calories!

Listen to me, I am whinnying!  YUCK!  I don’t whine!   That is being selfish and I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself.  But, Dag Nab It!  I want a Doctor Who CARES!  Is that asking for too MUCH?

Well, I guess I yelled enough at you Dear Thyroid.  Maybe, just maybe someday, you will work for me again.  You and I may even be friends again.  There is always hope.


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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Weight, Doctor! I Need Some Bloody Warmth”

  1. Graves Situation says:

    Sharen, if you live in the US you have a legal right to copies of all your medical records. Including lab reports. If your doctor does the lab work in house, and is a butt, this may not be easy, but they are obligated to give you copies.

    I use a regular lab, and just ask in writing that copies be sent to me as well as to my doctors. This way, I’ve seen them before I set foot in the office.

    It seems illegal/unethical to make you make and pay for an office visit to get the copies. Anyone know the ins and outs of this?

  2. ashton says:

    i have had the same experience, where the doctor’s office goes through shady ways to kind of tell me my results, but not really. unless you have some tremendous attachment to this doctor, i would switch immediately. clearly, they care more about your money than your health

  3. Amanda says:

    I agree with Graves Situation and ashton, request copies of your records. If you don’t understand the results, and your doctor isn’t willing to explain these without an appointment, find another doctor. It isn’t fun, but you have to do what is best for you.

    And I hear you on the frustration and whining. I hate what thyroid disease has turned us into.


  4. Sue says:


    I had this too. I currently have a nurse who doesn’t know what T3 and T4 are! I found myself educating a nurse. Anyway, I now have them comfortable with giving my TSH levels over the phone. I have to ask for the free T3 and T4 levels when I visit the doc (who thinks I’m a complete wacko, by the way – I don’t care. It’s MY thyroid, not his. He accuses me of “playing doctor” Whatever). It’s a matter of patience, or firing your doc and trying again. But for some of us there just aren’t many endos. Mine is the only one in the county – so I have to train him!

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