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Desperately Seeking Homeopathy

Post Published: 28 January 2011
Category: Desperately Seeking Homeopathy, Guest Bloggers
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What else might work when the conventional save-the-thyroid treatment plan just isn’t quite enough? That is, you lost your joie de vive when your thyroid tanked, and you’re still feeling under-joyed. Orthodox treatment has helped you make progress, but you’re wanting to do everything you can, including some alternative therapies, to optimize your progress.

I highly recommend orthodox thyroid treatment, with a knowledgeable doctor who really listens and addresses your concerns. But what about homeopaths, also known as the kooks who use Avogadro’s to make remarkably dilute potions, designed to balance your constitution? Their work is subtle yet transformative for many, and is often a good augmentation to work you may do with your more conventional thyroid doctor.

Homeopathy gained popularity in the 19th century with its philosophy of treating “like” with “like,” and adjusting to the individual. It uses neither drugs nor surgery. Millions swear by it.

I am not trained in homeopathy, but I love to learn how other ancient systems approach problems such as thyroid dysfunction. Here are some of the tools they use.

  1. Natrum mer when constipation is a main symptom, as well as palpitations and an earthy complexion.
  2. Arsenicum can be taken up to 5 days for underfunctioning, while a constitutional treatment is being sought.
  3. Iodum when the patient feels hot, cannot stop activity, feels obsessy, and particularly if dark-skinned and dark-eyed.
  4. Lycopus if heart is pounding and racing
  5. Belladonna if the patient has a flushed face and staring eyes.

I’m not advising that you take these therapies – they are just some to consider as you arrive at your best evidence-based integrative plan for how to heal your thyroid function.

Written by, Dr. Sara Gottfried

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Reader Feedback

One Response to “Desperately Seeking Homeopathy”

  1. Maitri Swift says:

    Boy am I glad I found you guys. A place I can rant. I hope you accept my ravings. First, I write for my dear sister Julie that I love to pieces. She is one of my best friends ever, and has Graves Disease for many, many years. She has suffered beyond what one should suffer, period. I know that she is still tired, drags her arse around as a midwife working on call 24 to 48 hours and has done this for years with Graves. Amazing! Absolutely amazing. Went through forever years of school, got a PHD, raised two beautiful boys by herself, etc, etc., all while tired, couldn’t get out of bed and then over the moon with energy and couldn’t get to sleep ….you all know the drill. I will tell her about you. She is a sister to be sure.

    Now about me, I’ve had cancer 3 times. I do have a thyroid problem but found a medication that gives me what I need. Finally, I can think, I am no longer cold and I have enough energy to do the things I love to do. YEAH!!!! But my deal is; in having cancer 3 times and going through much of what I’ve read on your site I decided that chemo et all was pure hell and I for one was not going to go through it again, EVER!!!!!! And when I had cancer the 2nd time I stopped the insane medical merry go round and found other ways. Part of what turned me off to medicine was the way I was treated by the automatons in white coats who called themselves doctors. In my book they are not healers. They are smart, educated people but healing professionals…i say not. I found Energy Medicines and I don’t mean Reiki.

    I have to tell you guys there are so many different types of Energy Medicines that are healing people right and left with no side affects, no pain, no meds, and loving practitioners…who do indeed love you, all the time, not just when you are in their offices. I only had one doc in 3 years who i ever felt really cared about me. I understand the being a sick orphan patient. I have to tell you I am not a good patient and it saved my life when I refused treatment the 2nd and 3rd cancer go around.

    Onto Energy Meds. There is a guy in CO, and a few other people around the country who do something similar to homeopathy but its better than homeopathy. He tests your saliva and then uses frequency based medicines to heal or dissolve the illness. It’s based on a physics principle called ‘The Out of Phasing Process’. My 2nd cancer tumor shrank in one month….the end, from using this type of therapy. His website: healerswhoshare.com. Check it out…at least check it ou.

    Here is my bad patient coming out…for the doctor above who mentioned ‘your best evidence-based integrative plan for how to heal your thyroid function’, that term has always confused me. Where is the evidence that says any of this really works when in fact so many people are sick…hell you’ve got this beautiful blog to prove the ‘best evidenced based plan’ doesn’t work. Where is the evidence? It’s just the scientific model. If you can’t put it in a testube, sling it around in a machine, measure it in a rat, etc., it isn’t good for you…poppy cock. Closed minded drivel I say…and I can prove it. Hell I am proof of it. It is only our fear that stands in our way of being bad, independent, self thinking and deciding patients or better yet, clients who consume medicine.

    To all my ‘new friends’ who struggle with illnesses that just don’t seem to go away…try more things, if what you are working with hasn’t cured you then go forth and be adventurous. Be a bad patient. See if you can find a medical professional who will not think you crazy when you come in with new ideas of things to try but instead will encourage you to go forth and support yourself, use your intuition and good judgment and find a cure. By all means find a cure. Stop managing and really and truly cure the thing. Hallelujah.

    The man who cut my breast off at the U. of Miami Cancer Research Center said to me, when I was a mere 35 y.o., “We don’t know anything about cancer and don’t let anyone tell you that we do”. He also recommended chemo but left it up to me. He encouraged me to find a cure that I believed in no matter how ridiculous it might sound to him. He was the guy who gave me permission to say no to more poison in my body and more surgeries…he encouraged me to think and feel myself…to live inside my body and feel its needs and then trust those feelings.

    The work I found that eventually healed my life after 3 cancers, two breast and one ovarian, was finding the emotions that were living in my body that helped to make me sick. I haven’t read about that anywhere on this post. It’s a reality. Like Dr. Dawson Church said, “If you aren’t working at the energetic/emotional level of an illness its like trying to work on a computer without turning it on”.

    I love you all….and one day, I promise you, I will no longer take my thyroid compounded medicines. I will heal that sucker and together we will live happily ever after…amen.

    To your best and brightest wide awake, warm and balanced healthy adventure,

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