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In The Storm

Post Published: 11 February 2011
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Life can turn grey, dark and hazy

All seems so gloomy

Feels like waves are crashing down

Body feeling like an old rickety boat

Trying hard to function and stay together

As the diseases wreak havoc

Rocking to and fro on the waves from the storm

This storm that is now what I know as life.

The pain is like lightening strikes

Shooting through my body as loud as thunder

Sleep hiding itself as the sun does from the storm

Waiting for this dark ride to some how calm down

And bring forth some ray of light

To let me know I’m no longer in the storm.

— Written by Lisa

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “In The Storm”

  1. Louise Sattler says:

    Ah the storm… I’m in it now. But it is not a typical storm. It is one that divides the masses. My storm is a “how cancer effects relationships storm”. Some people jump on board the “thyca” ship and want to do whatever it takes to help me get to a “safe port”. While others bail, literally. Can’t seem to jump the ship fast enough. Never to be heard of again….

    Yep- it is a storm. I am awaiting the rainbow.

    • Louise,
      I know the storm you are experiencing. I have lost so many friends and family along this journey. Spending so much time trying to figure out why in the world did they go away? Now I have found that it’s okay and I have met more people who understand or want to understand than the ones I had in the past. Your rainbow is awaiting you!

  2. Amanda says:


    So well written, thank you for sharing this with us. I feel every single word.


  3. And I thank you for your help. The painful truth is that some people don’t really earn the title of “friend” because that entails so much more than laughter and good times. I am slowly learning that the measure of a true friend is when our ship does go off course and ends up in rough waters.

    I truly give thanks to the new friends I have met here on Dear Thryoid.

  4. jelvis1 says:

    Yes, thank sounds just like my life. Even before I knew what was going on.

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