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Post Published: 17 February 2011
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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I bet most do not know

A body could be in pain 24/7

And not just in one place

But from head to toe

The dosage of medication needed

To take the edge off this type of pain

Would put a person in a comatose state.

To endure and bear such pain

Is finding that you have strength,

Courage and a deep passion to survive

Strength that has to be

Dug up from way down deep inside

Courage of overcoming fear

Knowing what will be coming

In the amount of pain levels

The next day and the next…

Passion to fight for life

So that you can stay and be with

Family and friends

To know deep inside each of them

Are so worth the daily plight

Strength, courage and passion

Is what keeps me fighting

Day to day

For no matter what I must endure

Friends and family has and always will

Help me along my way.

— Written by, Lisa

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Reader Feedback


  1. Amanda says:

    So beautiful Lisa. Thank you for sharing with us.


  2. Linda B Reed says:

    Very well written and speaks for a lot of us. Thanks, Lisa and good wishes 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    Only the best wishes to you Lisa.
    Your writing hits the nail on the head on how I felt many years ago…fortunately, the pain eventually subsided for me and today I can workout once again.
    I remember the days just stepping out of my bed shot massive pain beginning with my feet and circulating through my very being. Relief was no where to be found, no one could hug me to make me feel better, that hurt too much. Doctors said I was depressed….you are damn right I was depressed, I hurt more than I have ever hurt in my life and I was a powerlifter (weight training) at one time in my life and my pain was 100 fold anything I ever inflicted upon myself in a workout.
    Vitamin D is an important supplement to help the potassium and magnesium get to your muscles….I found weekly massages by a very good therapist was beneficial. She focused on lengthening my muscles and working knots out. It always amazed me how many knots she found in areas that were not really on fire yet. Never ever do a deep tissue massage! I also will continue to recommend removing processed whites from your diet. High protein with slow burn carbs helped me alot.
    I hope your pain will subside soon…we are with you in spirit!!

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