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Potassium Iodide – Get the Facts from Mary Shomon

Post Published: 17 March 2011
Category: Dear Thyroid News
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Our best thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon, has been posting a lot of outstanding information on Facebook and on Thyroid.About.com with respect to taking / not taking potassium iodide. I wanted to compile all of the info she’s put together, with links to the origin, so you can connect with other patients and Mary.

Facebook Link. Article Link: Global Rush on Potassium Iodide Pills to Protect Thyroid as Japanese Nuclear Disaster Worsens

Facebook Link. Comment Link: My comments on the potassium iodide issue, in response to a story at Huffington Post

Facebook Link. Article Link: Where To Find Reliable Information About Potassium Iodide and the Thyroid in a Radiation Emergency

Facebook Link. Article Link: “Ok, everyone has asked this question many times, and hopefully, getting the word from one of the nation’s top endocrinologists will satisfy the question: Should Americans Take Iodine to Protect the Thyroid from Radiation from Japanese Nuclear Leak: Leading Endocrinologist Theodore Friedman, MD Says No” — Mary Shomon

For the most current up to date info on potassium iodide and thyroid health, please follow Mary Shomon on Facebook and Twitter.

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2 Responses to “Potassium Iodide – Get the Facts from Mary Shomon”

  1. Linda Wyatt says:

    Also, after Chernobyl, scientists have concluded that red wine is effective and better than iodine in combating the effects of radiation. Here’s more info– http://tinyurl.com/63rdjau

  2. Thyroidecta says:

    If you’ve had a thyroidectomy, do you still need to worry about potassium iodide in a nuclear emergency?

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