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Nourishing Life: my favourite pose – legs up the wall

Post Published: 28 March 2011
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This post is for everyone. The ones who have been reading all month and need no convincing yoga is good for them. The ones who are contemplating trying yoga, but aren’t quite sure about it. The ones who, under no circumstances, will be practicing yoga. This post is for you all, especially the ones who will NOT be practicing yoga.

There are many poses (or asanas – see, I know my sanskrit!) in yoga. But there is one pose that is my favourite. The yoga pose that will make you feel like a million bucks, with minimal investment of energy on your part. Ladies and gentleman, today we are talking about ‘legs up the wall.’

Benefits of ‘legs up the wall’

– relieves tired legs

– drains fluid from the legs

– calming to the mind & emotions

Personally, I find 15 minutes of legs up the wall very relaxing. It also helps with my swollen feet & ankles during hot summer months.

How to do ‘legs up the wall’

I recommend you learn all poses from a certified yoga instructor. Always inform your physician before you begin a new physical activity. Be safe!

{I like the instructions in Megan Garcia’s book best. These are taken from that book. Page 104.}

1. Place your mat next to wall.

2. Sit with your left side against the wall. You want your left buttock up against the wall.

3. Exhale, lowering down, resting on your forearms. Like you are reclining.

4. Inhale and lift both legs up the wall. Your torso will become perpindicular to the wall. Your buttocks will be close to the wall.

5. Exhale your arms out into a T. Breathe. In & out. Until you feel this pose is complete for you.

6. To come out of the pose, slide your legs down the wall, bringing your knees towards your chest.

7. Roll to one side and relax in the fetal position. Stay here for at least 5 full breaths.

Word of caution – contraindications

– If you have neck or shoulder pain or injuries you should not attempt this on your own.

– Always consult a physician before beginning a new physical activity

– I personally do not use a support (bolster or blanket) during this pose. Find what works for you.

Seeing what it looks like

If you Google “legs up the wall” {images} you will see what this pose looks like.

Legs up the wall is a nice, relaxing pose. Even for people who don’t “do” yoga.


What is your favourite pose?

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  1. Amanda says:

    This IS a great pose. Very relaxing and soothing. My favorite pose is the cat pose. So helpful after spending a day sitting at a desk.


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