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Photo Essay Submission by Natasha

Post Published: 06 May 2011
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Three years on now from two thyroid removal surgeries for cancer, I still struggle every day to accept my ugly mis-shaped neck, sometimes when I look in the mirror its all I can see, especially in photos of myself. I wish I did wear my scars as some badge of survival, but its such an in your face daily reminder that you have / had cancer; it does get me down. So, sometimes I rock my Frankenstein t-shirt as my own private joke ;D.

Love and support to you all,



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Reader Feedback

18 Responses to “Photo Essay Submission by Natasha”

  1. Roxy says:

    I understand! I too, had 3 surgeries on my mis-shaped neck!But we are here and we survied! And you are BEAUTIFUL! Scars add Character, and if nothing else, people will start conversation about my scars {HUG}

  2. Jenn says:

    I can relate to this. You are a beautiful person.

  3. Melissa Travis says:

    You are so so beautiful… and it reminded me of a quote that I hold dear for anyone who feels damaged or broken by life, health, surgeries, and scars, (and we all have dozens):

    “When the Japanese mend broken objects they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.” ~Barbara Bloom

    Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL mug with us!

  4. Monica says:

    I think you’re beautiful. The first thing I saw when looking at your picture were your amazing eyes. Has anyone every judged beauty by the way their neck looked? Don’t think so.
    And your Frankenstein shirt rocks!!

  5. anita says:

    nat!!!! guuuurl. you are smokin’ hot!!! honey, with that face, flawlessly made up might i add, and shimmery locks adorning your crown, NO one would even notice a little scar on the neck. and the shirt… hell to the yeah, baby! my kinda gal all the way. rock on rockabilli-ette. oh, and the specs are simply divooooon. love them.

  6. Julie says:

    i totally know how you must be feeling! When I heard the words cancer and then surgery…. The thought of the scar actually bothered me ore than the cancer! Vain I know but after years have gone by I realize I am the only one who can see my scar! People never notice it as much as I do

  7. Lori says:

    The very first thing I saw in your photo was your gorgeous green eyes! Have you ever heard a guy say “My girlfriend has the hottest neck?” hahaha…

  8. Trina Wesley says:

    I wish I could think of mine as a battle scar. People say they don’t notice but even after 3 years, its where my eyes go every time I look in the mirror.

    • Trina Wesley says:

      Oh and I totally get the Frankenstein shirt. I wish I’d had that when I had 19 staples in my neck.

  9. RiaTheDeer says:

    I hear ya! I had two surgeries for thyroid cancer. Had laser surgery on my neck as the scar was so obvious being so fair skinned! So was always paranoid about it. (people wondered why I tried to kill myself…sheesh!) But honestly, yours just looks like (excuse me for being upfront) like a roll of fat on your neck. Many people have that roll of fat, so to me you look great! You are gorgeous! Only coz you pointed out the neck did I look there at all.

  10. Tracy Lloyd says:

    Think of it this way – “Scars are tattoos with more interesting stories!”

  11. Robyn Prince says:

    I know how you feel, but you are BEAUTIFUL! I agree with the other comments about your gorgeous eyes and that flawless skin!

    I, too, am self-conscious about my neck after 3 surgeries, but have used it as an excuse to buy beautiful scarves and jewlry to help cover it up! Turtle necks are great in colder weather, too! I have quite an investment in all of these.

    Frankenstein…felt that way after my radical neck and it was just in time for Halloween!

    Not to worry….YOU ROCK!

  12. MayfaireOquinn says:

    Nuh uh. The first things I noticed was your beautiful hair and absolutely gorgeous eyes. What neck??? 😉

  13. I LOVE that you wear a Frankenstein t-shirt. You rock! Thank you for so courageously sharing this photo with us.

  14. Natasha Faye says:

    WOW!! Thankyou for taking the time to respond. Your feedback has made me laugh, blush and made me very grateful. I’m so overwhelmed by the supportive comments and compliments. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart <3 xxx

  15. Lolly says:

    You get my vote for having the hottest eyes and coolest T-shirt.


  16. holley slagle says:

    your eyes are beautiful they draw you in! what neck???

  17. Theresa says:

    Dear girl, you could not be more beautiful and I too was first drawn into your face, not your neck. I thought the same thing at first with my scar and that I would get a tattoo over the scar. Then I used Mederma for a year and now can barely see it at all! I got two tattoos since, but not on my neck! Girls are sensitive so go use the Mederma and please try to remember that your face outshines your neck! Much love

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