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No More Thyroid Cancer, RIGHT MOM?

Post Published: 13 July 2011
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid,

Being a Mother is and always will be the best gift that I received from you! My little girl, my little Diva, my pride and joy is scared of you. She has nightmares and when I have a doctor’s appointment she freaks out. She is only three and you have made her life a little scary. You were going to take away her Mom, her hero, her shield, her security blanket. Yet, I did not allow you to.

I remember in 2007/2008 the doctors told me my TSH was too LOW for my body to carry a pregnancy and that I had thyroid cancer. She was not getting enough hormones to develop her brain, nervous system and it would also cause retardation. Regardless of what they said, I kept my pregnancy going with a smile and an open heart. I honestly believed in a higher power and left my worries in my higher power’s hands. She was born a healthy 7 lbs 11 oz baby and perfectly normal.

2 ½, almost 3 years later…My husband and I decided to try for another little miracle. Knowing the cancer was in remission. I guess all the fertility drugs I had to take brought out the evil little monster that was sitting on my thyroid. Yet, I was enjoying my pregnancy…Not knowing the cancer was growing. I guess my higher power has a way of making things work out.  Soreness in my neck caused me to take a trip to the hospital to find out I had a swollen lymph node. I knew my evil friend was back. I remember the ER doctor telling me “It’s probably strep throat.” I remember looking at her with my daughter in my arms and telling her, “It’s Thyroid Cancer.” After an ultrasound she told me I had a swollen lymph node. Next thing you know, I told her…”No need for the drill, I will call my endo.”

Routine: Biopsy, medication increase…Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. February 22nd of 2011, my life changed, I heard these words before: THYROID CANCER. I just never heard: Mrs. Serrano, you need to see a surgeon A.S.A.P, you have Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer. As the doctor was talking, all I heard was Charlie Brown….I caught the first part: “ATC usually occurs in patients over the age of 60, it’s very aggressive!” As she kept speaking, my mind was racing, I glanced over at my soon to be three year old little girl. Filled with so much life, will this Cancer take me away from her? How aggressive is it? What about the unborn little boy growing inside of me? What about my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life?

Racing around seeing several doctors to have surgery A.S.A.P.  High risk pregnancy doctors, my new found friend, “My SURGEON”. Ultrasounds to check my lymph nodes and the list went on!!!

April 13th of 2011, today, the day! Today I will walk in with Cancer and walk out without it. It’s only 3 cm of Cancer. The procedure should last only an hour, I take a final glance at my husband, kiss him goodbye, hug my mother in law and cousin. My daughter had to be taken out my arms…”No, my mind was saying, My arms, she safe in these arms!”

I hear her saying, “No more Thyroid Cancer, RIGHT Mom?” is what I hear as they wheel me away.

I know the nurse is talking; I have no idea what she saying. I just keep hearing: “No more Thyroid Cancer, RIGHT Mom?”  The surgeon is talking to me, telling me: “That me and my unborn son will be okay.” No more Thyroid Cancer, Right Mom is what I hear. I rub my belly. close my eyes, think of my Daughter…My little Diva…I think of my unborn son…I have no idea what he looks like yet. I need us to walk out of here FINE!

22 years of Thyroid problems and this is what it comes down too! Complete removal of my thyroid gland, I look over at my surgeon, to her this is another normal surgery. To my daughter it’s no more thyroid cancer. It’s me seeing her at graduation, prom and her wedding one day. So I turn to my surgeon and say: “This surgery is not just another surgery. It’s No More Thyroid Cancer for Olivia’s Mother!”

My surgeon smiles and says: “Mrs. Serrano, No more thyroid cancer for Olivia!”

3 hours later, 19 cm, not 3 cm of thyroid cancer removed and 18 lymph nodes.

Here I am today, 34 weeks pregnant, with a baby I will be holding soon in my arms. My three year old little girl…Yes, My little Diva is standing her next to me telling me she wants to go shopping as I type this letter. I smile, not because she wants to shop…Because Mommy has no more thyroid cancer.

Yes, my treatment might not be done; I still need radiation and chemotherapy after my pregnancy. Yet, the worst part is over!! I might have to take tons of supplements, my calcium & magnesium are always wacky, but moments like this, knowing that I will not miss a moment of my children’s lives helps me look past all the negatives that my thyroid has given me, but look at the positives.

I’m still alive and I have two miracles that survived thyroid cancer twice!!! So, when my daughter gets nervous about an appointment and replies: “NO MORE THYROID CANCER, RIGHT MOM!” I give her a high five and say…NO MORE!!!!

Written by, Monique N. Serrano

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Reader Feedback

16 Responses to “No More Thyroid Cancer, RIGHT MOM?”

  1. jenny dev'ron says:

    Beautiful….this is so touching and I’m so grateful for your miracle! You are truly blessed and I am so happy things are working in a positive direction….life is so precious.

  2. Melissa Travis says:

    What a profoundly beautiful letter! Every procedure, every complication, every diagnosis is PERSONAL TO US. Thank you for so beautifully illustrating it in this letter. We are more than a number or a chart or a “code!” We are more than a surgery. You on that day – were no more cancer for your daughter.

    What a sunning letter.
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. Missy says:

    WOW! I have chills as I am typing this. You are an amazing, strong women! I too am a survivor with children, but to be pregnant as you are and going through this with such an positive attitude is awesome. Cancer sucks, but we are stronger then it! I wish you nothing but the best!

  4. Jackie says:

    Wow! This really hit home with me. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer the week I found out I was pregnant. I had surgery at 18 weeks and we did great! So very fortunate it was small and caught early. I go in for my RAI treatment tomorrow and hope to be in remission after that.

    Best of luck! You are a strong momma!

  5. Shannon says:

    Absolutely beautiful…brought me to tears. Having gone through a cancer scare last year, I remember feeling the same exact emotions when thinking of my then 6 year old daughter. You described beautifully the fierce, unbreakable love only a mother knows.

  6. Monica says:

    What a poignant, beautiful story. Your determination and attitude shows you are one strong sister.

    Sending you lots of light and love.

    ☮ ♥

  7. Krystal Rodriguez says:

    Wow! That is a beautiful letter! It brought tears to my eyes to know that u have gone through all of this! I might not know u much but everytime I see u, u always have a smile on ur face and ur always so vibatious! U have truly been blessed with ur children! I’m happy to know that no matter what, u always stay strong for Oli and lil Shea!

  8. Angela says:

    Beautiful! This brought back so many memories for me. My daughter was 2 1/2 when I was diagnosed with papillary ca at 6 months pregnant with my son. That was 10 years ago. Just keep one foot in front of the other. Treatment will be tough with 2 little ones. Glad things are going good. Olivia sounds precious!

  9. Zory reyes says:

    I am so proud of u I seeing u fight with this and that baby girl will th little diva know know here mom will always be there for her like she want I hav no words but to say u a strong women and u doin a good job keep up love the store

  10. Aida G. says:

    This is a lovely letter. I am grateful that you walked out with no more cancer. As for Olivia, and your family. I am so happy and lucky to have you here with us. All my best to you and yours and I hope the future will bring you and yours nothing but good health. Being a vigorous and very positive women would only bring blessing all the way.

    What Joy you have mentioned.

  11. Sue says:

    What a powerful and moving letter you have written, brought tears to my eyes. You are so strong, and an inspiration to all of us. I wish the best for you & your family. Thank you for sharing Olivia’s comment, and your story. I hope her fears have left, and is focusing on being a big sister!

    Thank you & very best wishes!

  12. Anna says:

    Thank you, so beautiful. I feel your feelings as I am back again for the fourth time with thyroid cancer coming back. Three kids, fourth year and my youngest son asking if this time I am going to die (he was five when it started and he is now turning 9).

    Such a struggle but never losing hope.

    Your thyca sister,


  13. Karla Sorto says:

    What an amazing letter, wow I’m speechless! So profound and touching. Makes any other obstacle in life seem so easy. You put tears in my eyes. Best wishes for you and your family thank you for sharing this story. I shall never forget it.


  14. Running Betty says:

    Thank you for putting your feelings into writing so I could read them.

  15. Jessica says:

    A very inspirational story it gives me so much hope! i am a 28 year old mum with 2 beautiful boys, i was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in June my baby just 14 weeks old at the time and my big boy just 3. This disease makes you realise how precious our lives are, and how we crave normality, i never thought that doing the washing would give me so much joy. i had a total thyroidectomy and left radical neck dissection of my lymph nodes, i am just waiting on my treatment which is in limbo at the moment as their is this world wide shortage of thyrogen and here in australia, perth i just have to wait. From one mum to another thankyou and may god bless you x Jessica Serra

  16. penny gaff says:

    An Amazing story Wow is all I can say!
    I was diagnosed in Jan with papillary I’ve had one surgery and two RAI treatments since for the persistant little bugger! Hope to be in that promised land of remission soon!
    I have a baby and 4 year old and keep on trucking. Papillary is no match for me.
    Blessed Be to All!

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