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Only the Glandely (thytune) by Lolly Orbitol

Post Published: 02 September 2011
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dum dum dum, dummy  I feel

Ooh yay, yay,  what’s the deal

Oh oh oh, oh oh ah
Only the Glandely, only the Glandely

Only the Glandely

(Dum dum dum, dummy doo why)
Knows the way I feel tonight
(Ooh yay, yay, wanna die)
Only the Glandely

(Dum dum dum, dummy am I)
Knows this feeling ain’t right
(Dum dum dum, dummy oh my)

There goes my bowels, there goes my heart
They’re going faster, hope I don’t fart

But only the Glandely knows why I cry
Only the Glandely

Dum dum dum, dummy fast beat

Ooh yay, yay, intensive heat

Oh oh oh, oh oh ah

Only the Glandely, only the Glandely

Only the Glandely

(Dum dum dum, dummy doo shite)
Knows the hardtimes, I’ve been through
(Ooh yay, yay, that’s right)
Only the Glandely

(Dum dum dum, dummy  Doctor)
Knows  how to lie to you
(Dum dum dum, dummy Fucker)

Maybe tomorrow, you want to Dance

No more sorrow but that’s the chance
You’ve got to take, if your Glandely heart aches

Only the Glandely

(Dum dum dum, dummy doo Lally)

By Lolly

Bio A new thytune for all you hyperthyroid/Graves out there, this one is for you. You’ll understand exactly what I am singing about I nearly ended up like Roy Orbison wearing permanent dark shades.





Only the Glandely (thytune) by  Lolly Orbitol

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Only the Glandely (thytune) by Lolly Orbitol”

  1. Lisa says:

    That is just too funny! Love it! I still wear permanent dark shades : )

  2. Lolly says:

    Thank you Lisa glad you loved it and found the humour in it, sorry that your are having to wear dark shades. LDN helped me with my eye disease.


  3. jazzyjen says:

    Love it! x

  4. Lolly says:

    Thanks jazzyjen x

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