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Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, September 2011

Post Published: 02 September 2011
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This is a special month, it’s all about thyroid cancer awareness. We are doing quite in honor of this month. One of the things we are doing is seeking submissions from survivors, patients and advocates that want to cross-post, cross-promote and co-mingle traffic to achieve a greater good – THYROID CANCER AWARENESS!

We are seeking:

  1. Images – your depiction of thyroid cancer and how those images chronicle thyroid cancer awareness as you see them
  2. Poetry – your poetry about thyroid cancer or thyroid cancer awareness
  3. Stories – stories that you want to share about what thyroid cancer means to you and why it is so important that we spread the word about thyroid cancer awareness
  4. Statistics – what statistics do you have, do you want to cite, that show the growth of thyroid cancer in specific demographics
  5. Quotes – whether you’ve written a quote or someone you know has, please share it with us
Please join us as we work our asses off this month to spread awareness about thyroid cancer and dispel the myth that thyroid cancer is “The good cancer.”
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Reader Feedback

15 Responses to “Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, September 2011”

  1. Jill M. says:

    Early detection is so key. Don’t let your doctors tell you it’s depression, stress, etc. GET YOUR THYROID CHECKED! Even with a TSH is normal ranges (still almost hypo), there still could be malignancy. I am a thyroid cancer survivor, with metastases to the lungs. I thought my shortness of breath was “Asthma”, and found out after RAIT that it wasn’t. I had what appeared to be Ice crystals on the view in my lungs; it was the thyroid cancer; I could have died from this.

    My tumor was stage 4 in my neck, 5 out of 7 lymph nodes stripped, were afflicted.

    Be proactive, and keep pushing for answers, especially if there is a history of thyroid disease in your family, or if you are in a high risk group.

    • dc says:

      Howdy Jill M:

      My mother had thyroid problems & was on synthroid forever.

      What tests should I insist my doctor order?

      I have had shortness of breath & had a heart ct done.

      pains they attribute to anxiety & stress ie phantom pains.

      Frequent hoarseness, Headache & Sinus pressure = they want to do a sleep apnea test

  2. Lolly says:

    Brillant quote or should I say banner I saw on FB today “Fuck Thyroid Cancer”

  3. michal says:

    I have two years before I can say I am a survivor, but I already consider myself one. I was in a diagnostic ultrasound program at a local college. We were practicing thyroid scanning. As you know, “everyone” has nodules, as did I. However, the teacher was scanning me and said: “Girl, have you had your thyroid checked?” I had not. I had NO SYMPTOMS, NO PALPABLE LUMPS, NO FAMILY HISTORY. Yet she urged me to get evaluated immediately. Long story short- stage 1 papillary carcinoma with lymph node metastases. I was 30.

    A total thyroidectomy, two bouts of radioactive iodine, levothyroxine 125mc, a year of up and downs with lethargy and depression, and I am back to my “healthy” self. I don’t even think about the cancer. My husband and I joke because I can’t pull the cancer card anymore when I say I don’t feel good.

    I was fortunate to get the “good cancer,” the slow growing form- papillary thyroid cancer. The more aggressive forms of thyroid cancer such as medullary, et al. are not “good”. However, when they say “the good (papillary) cancer” I can verify that I am glad it was my thyroid and not my breast or ovaries!

    Contact me if you have questions! nealey.kriza@gmail.com

    <3 Michal<3

  4. michal says:

    addendum: i was dx’d Feb. 2008

  5. Mike says:

    Thyrogen Shortage Awareness
    I’m I the only one who is waiting for Thyrogen ?
    There seems to be no information on this site.
    Is anyone else interested, or am I alone out here?
    I have stage 4 cancer, but the doctor wants to know how much farther it has spread, but without a test, preceded by Thyrogen, my life is on hold.
    Any advocates avalable?

  6. Mike says:

    There is a sparsity of the drug THYROGEN, used in protocols to test for or treat thyroid cancer.
    Presently there are at least 14 generic cancer drugs in short supply. And the shortages don’t stop there.


  7. Mike says:

    Thyrogen: If You Have The Cash ?
    Makitra, who loves skateboarding and music and aspires to be an engineer, will need to take expensive medication, including one called Thyrogen.
    The drug is hard to find.
    Hulster had to initially hunt down the drug herself, at a pharmacy in Delaware.
    Then she learned the health insurance wouldn’t pay for it.
    The national shortage of Thyrogen is expected to continue through 2012.


    • Michal says:

      Interesting. I just had a pet scan. No prep rquired. Just had to be NPO.

      • Mike says:

        NPO means nothing by mouth.(?)
        Thanks for letting me know.
        Where you given the RAI the day before?

        I’ll have more information in 7 days.
        I’m scheduled for an appointment with
        Dr. Endo’s assistant.
        Thanks for letting me know

        • Michal says:

          Yes nothing by mouth. They gave me radioactive glucose the day of the PET scan. Supposedly any cancer uptakes it.
          My Nuc med scan was negative but my blood test was abnormal so that’s why we went with PET. Insurance company doesn’t like to pay for those 🙂

    • Paula says:

      Were you able to get Thyrogen yet? I’m in Central PA and was able to get my injections last week.

  8. Mike says:

    I’ll be back.
    I’m working right now.

  9. Mike says:

    Looking for Thyrogen information,
    I just found a page on facebook that with people in the same situation.

  10. […] is a completely non-art related post but, as a thyroid cancer survivor, I post about this every year on social […]

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