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Life Through Lipstick Lenses: Chocolate Cream- A beautiful bronzy-brown lipgloss

Post Published: 09 November 2011
Category: Column, Life Through Lipstick Lenses
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Have you ever wanted to use your illness or former illness as a means to stop someone’s complaining?  This is something I struggle with at times because while my perspective on life has changed after a few rounds with cancer, everyone else’s (it seems), is still the same.  Recently an acquaintance at a ‘ladies night out’ was complaining about her hair, the color, how her hairdresser couldn’t get it right, how her extensions wouldn’t stay in, etc….really?  Is this your biggest obstacle? It seemed the only thing she could talk about and she complained about this particular thing most of the evening asking who our hairdressers were, etc.  On another occasion I was with a male co-worker who complained non-stop about how his wife (who also works) never made dinner and never cleaned.  I immediately replied, “I’ve had cancer three times and the doctors still think there are cancerous tumors in my neck.”  That pretty much stopped him cold.

My new perspective has shown me what’s truly important.  My tolerance level for complainers has really decreased, especially if it’s something as insignificant as hair color.  Have you experienced the same thing?  For the girl with the excruciating decision whether to change her stylist…who cares?  She’s lucky to have hair she can mess with.  Mine goes from thin to thinner depending on whether my thyroid med dose is enough or not.  For my co-worker who’s disappointed with his wife….so what.  Have you stopped to talk to her, does she spend time hanging out with you and the kids?  Is her thyroid in check?  Anyhow, time is all we have and if we focus on the minutia, we miss out. It’s hard to have experienced such life change and resume the same path as when you left.  It’s like being on a boat during a tropical depression (yes, I’ve been there with 30 foot waves) then stepping on solid ground; you’re a little off balance, thankful enough to kiss  solid ground, yet no one even knew there was a storm in the first place.  Ellen Langer says, ‘In the perspective of every person lies a lens through which we may better understand ourselves.’  I’m thankful for my new perspective.  I know that people all come from a different place and if it’s not cancer, it’s something else. I also know that under every complaint is insecurity so I try not to get too irritated.  We all have our junk…

This week’s lipstick is Chocolate Cream lipgloss because it’s a gorgeous bronzy brown color for fall.  Also, for me, when I want to complain, a candy bar usually helps (I’m a chocolate lover)!

Written by, Anna Warner

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Reader Feedback

12 Responses to “Life Through Lipstick Lenses: Chocolate Cream- A beautiful bronzy-brown lipgloss”

  1. missy says:

    I LOVE your story!!! Thank you so much. I completely understand what you’re saying 🙂 And go for the lipgloss, heck take the lipstick it’s bold! And take the candy bar too 😀

  2. Kelly says:

    Great insight Anna. After cancer, you just want to enjoy the life you almost lost. Other’s are concerned about the the details, but all I want is the big picture to keep getting bigger. Nothing in your life will matter anymore after cancer, except the fact you are alive and enjoying whatever moment you have in front of you. The sad part is that other’s won’t get it until they go through it. Keep on wearing that lip gloss and eating chocolate, they will never let you down. 😛

    • Anna says:

      Hey Kelly! So true, love how you wrote we want the big picture just to get bigger…and you’re right, I’m always satisfied and never let down by a candy bar!

  3. jdebay says:

    As man with throid cancer, one year cancer free.
    Mine caused me trip to Er because I could not breath.
    I just tell this short lines above and they stop.

  4. Ria the Deer says:

    Yep indeedy! Don’t you feel like you want to put a knuckle sandwich in their cake hole sometimes? Man, yesterday I went to a store to return something I had bought 5 months ago and was told the refund policy was now 28 days. (by law here you can wait up to 12 months provided the item is not worn, still has tags and you have the receipt) I remarked this must be new, and was told, No it has been like that for 3 years. I replied, Shows you how often I go shopping then, hey! The lady glared at me thinking I was being flippant. She then said in a very nasty tone, “I don’t have to give you refund now. You SHOULD have come back earlier.” I calmly and smilingly answered her, “Oh well, you see I had thyroid cancer and I can barely drive to my local store 5 minutes away most days, let alone drive to here an hour away from home. So don’t get snickety with me, Miss.” Her face was classic. Gobsmacked look and her eyes fell to the floor and she humbly got the money from the till and muttered, “Sorry”
    Only when I got home did I think, GOOD! I hope she learned a valuable life lesson on not judging people just because they look normal and also her self-righteous attitude was never justifiable. (BTW I rang the store back and told them their 28 day refund policy is against the law..Ha ha!)
    Good on you for setting people straight, Anna!

    • Anna says:

      Ria, what a great story! Again, life is so short, why do people have to be nasty and have attitude. That’s what I mean, cancer always stops them in their tracks but why should we even have to say it to get some kindness and less judgement….

  5. Anna says:

    wow, this makes feel bad for complaining about my disease. Sure, I’m sick and all but I don’t have cancer. I was afraid the doctors were gonna find cancer once when I had ultrasound and a celltest of my thyroid, but it seams that I only had a “lumpy” thyroid. So after that I’m thankful that it wasn’t worse. You’re story was great! And I hope we all get better!

    • Anna says:

      Don’t feel bad Anna! Sick is sick and when it’s the thyroid, we’re all off balance daily. Be grateful you don’t have cancer, but I know you have your ‘off’ days too! Here’s to our good days!

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