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Tea(-4) Time with Tracy: Week of November 27th

Post Published: 27 November 2011
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“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart!” – Vincent van Gogh

This is the quote I have decided to use in my yearbook. It says so much it such a short sentence. It speaks to me in my persistence and perseverance with what I have been through in the past year. I have been through a lot but I continue to seek. I continue to strive. Everything I do, I am in it with my whole heart…and that’s that.

It has been difficult with the loss of my dog Molly, but this week, my parents and I welcomed a new pet into our lives…a 7 month old Chinchilla that I have decided to name Walden. (Wally for short!) At first, I was extremely anxious in committing to a new pet and all the new responsibilities caring for the pet would entail. Every time I tried to pick Wally up, he would run to the back of his cage. He was never willing to let me even pet him. I worried he would never be the friendly and loving pet I had dreamed of having once more. Each day this week, I slowly let Wally smell my hand to become more familiar with me and my scent. I wanted to assure him that I am his friend, and that I will be caring for him. I even gave him a raisin as a treat, which he seems to love very, very much. I wanted to reward him for all of his progress and how far he has come in the past week. Friday was the first time that I took him out of his cage. He was so loving and calm, to my surprise. I held him firmly, without squeezing him too tightly. My intention was to let him know that he is in no danger, and that I am here to protect him. I have grown to love that little chinchilla…he puts a smile on my face.

Find something you are passionate about…something to bring you joy and happiness. That may be the best advice I could give.

Sending much love and support your way,



Please note: Tea(-4) Time with Tracy is now transitioning into a semimonthly column. Stay tuned for changes in the next two weeks 🙂

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Tea(-4) Time with Tracy: Week of November 27th”

  1. d1987 says:

    Hey sweetie,

    You asked to keep you posted about my appointment and such…

    First, I hope you don’t take it bad, but grapes/raisins are poisonous to dogs..

    Second, I had my appointment yesterday, my free T4 raised a little again (without treatment) and is on 16 now, but my TSH is on 5.2, which is higher than before.

    My anti-TPO is 540 now or something, which should be under 35.

    She gave me a physical exam, and found out my thyroid is a little enlarged too… but not visibly yet.

    Normally she wouldn’t start treatment with these results cause my FT4 is still high, but since I have so much symptoms that really bother me, she started treatment anyhow… I’m on 50 mg levothyroxine each day now, and started this morning.

    I have to be back in 6 weeks, to see if it does anything for me, and I really hope it does and it probably will.

    Also I found old results of mine from back in 2005 in my medical files, obviously I went to the doctor then already that I wasn’t feeling fine…

    My FT4 was 18 there, and my TSH was 3.1, which isn’t as high as it is now, but obviously it’s working a little harder than it should already.

    Anyhow, this was it for now.



    (p.s. I forgot my password so I couldn’t log in yet, and I didn’t receive the mail yet about how to set a new one)

  2. Tracy Goldberg says:

    Thanks for sharing Kim!

    By the way…I never fed raisins or dried fruits to my dogs…but to my pet Chinchilla (not Chihuahua, LOL) A chinchilla is a rodent!


    I really hope the medication works well and please do keep me updated on how you are feeling! Are you feeling better? I really do hope that you are. I know it’s a long road to feeling well, but I know you’ll get there…it just takes time.



  3. d1987 says:

    Serious, I sworn I saw Chihuahua, probably because you were talking about your dog earlier. How stupid of me! Chinchilla’s can have as much raisins as you like 😛 I got a hamster myself in my bedroom, and she’s in a chinchilla cage, but with very less room between the bars… It’s a large cage for a hamster, but my experience is that hamsters need much more room than the normal cages in the store.

    I’m a week into the medication now, I know I shouldn’t feel anything about it yet, but I got the feeling I do feel some stuff…

    1. I’m crying a lot… Cause I feel sad, and happy, and it’s such a weird feeling… Sad that they found out so late, happy that finally something is going to be done.

    2. I’m not getting as grumpy as before when being hungry, normally when I was hungry the hunger would take over my whole body, I’d get grumpy, and just… Very moody, and my stomach would feel like aching.

    3. My eyes don’t feel so dry/burning… it’s like some kind of weight has been lifted off my eyes… And it’s a nice feeling.

    4. I feel healthier, but, could be just cause I know I’m healthier this way.

    So, except for the 1st is all positive, but maybe the 1st is positive too, cause I’m finally getting all my feelings right, and crying it out… Getting through almost 15 long tiring years, it’s like when I’m on the right dose, I might finally live again, feel like going out with friends, don’t get tired if I even think about doing something. I’ve been thinking I was lazy, people have been calling me lazy… doctors have been sending me to food counselors and putting me on diet pills, nothing worked. Which isn’t that weird if you think that my metabolism has been on 0, and no one ever looked into that, while Hashimoto isn’t that uncommon.

    Maybe it is more uncommon with people as young as you and I, but it’s also the most common auto-immune disease of people our age… And since it’s progression is so slow.


    Everything is going as planned.



    • tracegoldb says:

      I really do hope the medication works well for you. It has been a struggle for me…but I truly hope you find the right balance. Are you on Synthroid?

      I have the same thing when it comes to hunger, it really consumes me (no pun intended lol) and I get in terrible moods 🙁 but I think the T4 meds have been helping with that a bit.

      I’m really sorry that you’ve been dealing with this for 15 years! I’ve only had it for about three years so I could only imagine what you’ve been through.

      My metabolism is definitely as slow as it could be…which is something I hope to work on..it’s really awful:(

      Well, anyway…please keep me updated on how you are feeling…I’d love to know!!



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