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Tea(-4) Time with Tracy: Competition

Post Published: 11 December 2011
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Happy December everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to spending time with their family and friends.


This is a HUGE week for me! I’m finding out my admissions decision for THREE colleges around Thursday, so I’ve been really preoccupied with that. I’m really anxious to find out! I never imagined this whole college process would be so exciting, yet stressful at the same time.


The competition is horrendous…

Yet, I will remain positive.


It is a sad reality, but competition drives people to do well for themselves. I think high school has helped me come to that realization. It’s pretty harsh, but at times, it has helped me push forward to be the best I can be, and for that, I am grateful. BUT, as previously stated, I will not let this portion of my life define me. Not school. Not grades. Not college admissions. And certainly NOT Hashimoto’s Disease.

How do you handle competition? I am curious to find out…

Sending much love and support your way,

Tracy <3





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One Response to “Tea(-4) Time with Tracy: Competition”

  1. d1987 says:

    Hey Tracy,

    Nice to hear you’re going to college! I’m at art school myself, and I just finished the 3rd semester with good grades.

    Wanted to tell you that my doses has been upgraded to 75 microgram of levothyroxine… but, after 2 weeks, I still do not feel the difference with 50, while with an upgrade to 50 (my start dose) I felt way better after 2 weeks alone.

    My last blood results: TSH 4,9, insteas of 5,2, not a huge drop, could be a natural ‘swing’, FT4 is 18 now… instead of 16 (and 14 at my normal doctor) that’s a bit higher, but, I might need a lot more cause I used to be high, theoretically I’m still high, but, not enough for me.

    She didn’t test anti-TPO with me, cause she already knows I got hashimoto, no need to test it again.

    So, this was all for now…

    Hope you’re doing better on your doses…


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