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Acrostic Poetry for Thyroid Awareness Month

Post Published: 24 January 2012
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters, Thyroid awareness
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Check Your Neck


Could be that thyroid, causing you jip

Hyper or Hypo, up and down dip

Energy levels that feel so depleted

Crying for no reason, feeling defeated

Knowledge is power so check you Neck


You seem out of control, have no explanation

Obesity taking over with Atrial Fibrillation.

Under weight, looking like you’ve not been fed

Rapid heart beat, even when sleeping in bed.


Nodules, Goitre, Eye disease and Cancers

Endocriminologists that act like wankers.

Confusion, hair loss, dry skin, who gives a feck

Know what it is now, then Check your own Neck.


By Lolly

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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Acrostic Poetry for Thyroid Awareness Month”

  1. Kristine Bourey says:

    Love this!! You’ve put a smile on my exhausted face!! Thank You…

  2. i agree with Kristine! And lived the “endocriminoligist”! 😉

  3. Lolly says:

    Kristine I like to make people smile and laugh even for a short time thank you for taking tohe time to read and respond.

  4. Lolly says:

    Maria now not sure if that means you Lived the endocriminologist or you loved it..either way it works thank you for your response. Only wish I had one that worked for me, maybe I’d call them by the right name.:-)

  5. Nell says:

    No one ever checked my neck. Blood test once or twice but not my neck. go figure. Those Hormones will kill ya. not a joke.

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