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Ninth Entry: Thyroid Literary Contest – Three Words of Encouragement

Post Published: 25 January 2012
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My four words of encouragement are

  1. Knowledge
  2. Strength
  3. Community
  4. Trust

Knowledge and the quest for knowledge are part of who I am. When faced with uncertainty or a problem I look to books or other reliable sources of information to determine how to proceed. Once I have gained some knowledge I feel strong in making a decision or choosing a course of action. That strength of conviction helps me through any adversity or doubt that surfaces along the way. Another source of strength and support is community. Community encompasses everyone in my circle of support, family, friends, fellow patients, and even strangers who have the courage to share their stories or offer support in any forum. Finally trust is encouraging to me. I trust my instincts from day to day. I trust that taking a stand and being outspoken will make a difference. I trust that as awareness spreads more research will be done leading to a deeper understanding of our diseases and better treatment options. I trust that if I listen to my body, continue to gain knowledge, maintain a presence in the community, push for more information and better options, and stay strong that I can someday feel like myself again.

By, Carla

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Ninth Entry: Thyroid Literary Contest – Three Words of Encouragement”

  1. Lolly says:

    Very well said Carla I agree with all of it. You got a vote from me too.

  2. Diane D. says:

    This is a logical, well rounded approach to controlling thyroid disease. With help from all aspects of one’s life, the will to survive and succeed in living the best life possible is achievable.

  3. Edgar Soto says:

    Truly inspiring, words. I never, knew just how serious this could be. Thank you!

  4. Sam says:

    Thank you, for sharing

  5. Greg Wallace says:

    Your letter is honest and sincere. You have my support. Love you

  6. Merrit says:

    Love this. I could not have said it any better.

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