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Sixteenth Entry: Thyroid Literary Contest – Three Words of Encouragement

Post Published: 27 January 2012
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When I first found out that I had nodules on my thyroid that had to be removed, I was terrified.  My father had just died the year before from Colon Cancer and I was so afraid that it would be cancer.

My mother went with me to all of my appointments and stayed by my side through everything.  She was with me when I went through surgery. She was with me when the doctor told me that he had found papillary and follicular cancer on both sides of my thyroid.

My doctor had the best outlook for this diagnosis though.  He said “Don’t think of it as if I told you that you have thyroid cancer, think of it as if I have told you that you have diabetes”.  “It will require long term treatment, but you are not facing something that is immediately fatal.  You will be coming to see me for a long time.  You will be around for a long time yet.  This is just a treatment program.”

I thought that was the neatest way to look at this disease.  Just like diabetes.  It immediately took the fear of the word cancer away and filled me with hope for the future.

I was able to look at treating my thyroid cancer just like I would treat diabetes.  He it was very positive and upbeat.  My mom was also so encouraging to me.  She stayed with me at the hotel as I went through the Radioactive Iodine Treatment.  She wished the best for me every day, as she always has.  My mother is a great woman of hope and helped to comfort and encourage me by letting me know that it was all going to be o.k.

My friends and family sent me good wishes.

My mom was with me when I found out that the body scan was negative and that I did not have cancer anywhere else in my body.  We cried and laughed.  My mom wished the best for me and called me every day as I struggled to find the right dosage of Synthroid (Truly the worst part of the entire experience).  I was crabby, irritable, tired and drove many people away because I just felt so bad, and my emotions were so unstable.

It is amazing how much your thyroid does for you!  I even lost my boyfriend who I really truly loved dearly.  It was one of the most difficult times of my life.  It is heartbreaking not to have control of your mind and emotions and to feel so tired and depressed all the time.  It took several months and several increases in my medicine, but I finally feel like myself again.

I am 43 years old, but I am thankful that I have a beautiful, encouraging mom who is a positive influence in my life.  When I saw the painting of the beautiful butterfly… it reminded me of hope and encouragement.  Bright and beautiful.  The new life that you have after you have been diagnosed with cancer.  You don’t have to give up and think the worst.  You just have to keep it monitored, like diabetes or high blood pressure.  Take your medicine, keep up with the treatment and live life to the fullest.  I am thankful to be alive and I am thankful that I have many years left.  I hope I can use those years to be as positive and encouraging as my mom.

By, Amy

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One Response to “Sixteenth Entry: Thyroid Literary Contest – Three Words of Encouragement”

  1. Lolly says:

    Amy straight from the heart you too are beuatful like that butterfly good luck with your ongoing treatment and you have a vote from me!!!

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