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How Many More Generations Do You Want, Thyroid?

Post Published: 04 April 2012
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid,

I’ve thought about writing this letter a dozen times.   I think of lines where I thank you for making me more conscious of what food I put in my body.  I think of writing about my gratitude for you because now I recognize that I should treasure every moment I have with my family and friends. I often think of you when I speak to my mother. I silently think to myself about how awesome it is to let go of the resentment I had for her because she was always so anxious (Hyperactive thyroid/Graves disease) and mentally out of it that our relationship suffered.  I don’t feel that way today.  I’m not thankful at all. I’m just plain ole sick and tired.

I should have saw you coming for me. I am the 5th generation to have a thyroid condition.  I thought I was smarter than you. When my husband asked me if my throat was swollen, I knew it was you.  When the first doctor ordered blood work for my thyroid levels, I knew you were coming for me, but surprisingly you were fine. Oh, but wait, it’s not really you because when the next doctor ordered blood work, and took it a step forward with an ultrasound and biopsy, we found out that something was attacking you and you hadn’t betrayed me after all.  Thanks buddy!

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis sucks! It is attacking you and it is really pissing me off. Just when I think I’ve got us on track, it comes in and starts to get us. We have some really awesome days and then we get kicked down with hives, tightness in the chest, anxiety, joint pain, and brain fog.  I’m always second guessing myself and thinking what did I eat that was wrong, did I forget to take my medication, should I have my levels checked, but I’m beginning to realize that this is not something I can cure overnight.

So, Thyroid it’s just you and me…for now. I know you won’t be with me long.  That lump on you isn’t going anywhere and sure isn’t shrinking.  That lump on the side of my neck, you know, that lymph node is growing and isn’t going away.  There is something else on the horizon and I can feel it. I’m sorry our relationship has been so rocky.  You held on for what mattered and I have 2 beautiful children to show for that. So, I guess even though I don’t want to thank you, I will.  On the other hand Mr. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I hate your guts and I will find a way to manage you.  I will not allow you to take over because my biggest fear, becoming my mother. Until I cannot breathe I won’t let that happen. Bring it on Hashi!


Andrea (I’m going to get you Hashimoto’s) Hanson


My name is Andrea Hanson. I am a stay at-home mother of two children and an Army wife. I am a former Soldier and an Iraq war veteran.  I am the 5th generation of women in my family on my maternal side to have a thyroid condition.  My goal in life is to prevent or educate my daughter enough with the hope that she does not have to suffer with this disease. I have started a blog about this new journey in life. http://www.hashimotosmyjourneytogettingbacktome.blogspot.com



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